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Age of Globalization

Age of Globalization

Through its newly launched UTAustinX, the University of Texas at Austin is offering tuition-free massive open online courses (MOOCs) to students around the globe who want to explore some of the most topical issues of our day with some of the university’s most distinguished faculty.

Series: Tower Books Imprint, UTAustinX Massive Open Online Course enhanced e-book. Buy it here.

UTAustinX, The University of Texas at Austin
November 2013
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Globalization is a fascinating spectacle that can be understood as global systems of competition and connectivity. These man-made systems provide transport, communication, governance, and entertainment on a global scale. International crime networks are also outgrowths of the same systems. In this course, you will learn how to identify and analyze global systems and better understand how they are changing societies around the world.

  • Preface
  • Chapter 01: Introduction to Globalization
  • Chapter 02: Three Phases
  • Chapter 03: Transportation Networks
  • Chapter 04: Global Media
  • Chapter 05: The Nation-State
  • Chapter 06: Social Justice
  • Chapter 07: Regulation
  • Chapter 08: Crime
  • Chapter 09: Labor
  • Chapter 10: Pop Culture
  • Chapter 11: Small Country Self-Assertion
  • Chapter 12: Sports
  • Selected Bibliography
  • Photo Credits
  • Video and Audio Credits
  • About the Author

John Hoberman, Professor and former Chair of the Department of Germanic Studies at the University of Texas at Austin, has taught courses on globalization many times over the past ten years.


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