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Scenes from Modern Music Culture

Touching on her own experiences as a music obsessive, Hannah Ewens captures the joy and community of young women bonded by their musical fandoms and the impact these fangirls have on the artists they love.

Series: American Music Series

August 2020
Not yet published

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256 pages | 5.5 x 8.5 |

"To be a fan is to scream alone together." This is the discovery Hannah Ewens makes in Fangirls: how music fandom is at once a journey of self-definition and a conduit for connection and camaraderie; how it is both complicated and empowering; and how now, more than ever, fandoms composed of girls and young queer people create cultures that shape and change an entire industry.

This book is about what it means to be a fangirl.

Speaking to hundreds of fans from the UK, US, Europe, and Japan, Ewens tells the story of music fandom using its own voices, recounting previously untold or glossed-over scenes from modern pop and rock music history. In doing so, she uncovers the importance of fan devotion: how Ariana Grande represents both tragedy and resilience to her followers, or what it means to meet an artist like Lady Gaga in person. From One Directioners, to members of the Beyhive, to the author's own fandom experiences, this book reclaims the "fangirl" label for its young members, celebrating their purpose, their power, and, most of all, their passion for the music they love.


Hannah Ewens is currently the Features Editor and a writer at VICE. She writes about youth culture, mental health, music, and film for publications that include the Guardian and the Telegraph, and has interviewed subjects including everyone from Patti Smith and Deftones to Jennifer Lawrence and Sofia Coppola.