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Ezekiel's Horse

Ezekiel's Horse
Introduction by John Wood

This volume collects some 75 duotone images of horses and riders, most of them never before published.

Series: Southwestern and Mexican Photography Series, The Wittliff Collections, The Wittliff Collections at Texas State University; Bill Wittliff, Series Editor

January 2000
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168 pages | 11 x 11 | 75 duotones |

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Content from "Ezekiel's Horse"Content from "Ezekiel's Horse"Content from "Ezekiel's Horse"Content from "Ezekiel's Horse"Content from "Ezekiel's Horse"

Haunting in their mystery and beauty, Keith Carter's horses fill the frame like spirits in a dream—but without ever ceasing to be real horses. Whether he's photographing thoroughbreds preparing for the elaborate maneuvers of dressage or a farm nag grazing in a field, Carter meets horses on their terms, not his. Looking into their enigmatic eyes in these photographs, you wonder, "What are these creatures thinking?" until you realize that Keith Carter's horses never really give up their secrets.

This volume collects some 75 duotone images of horses and riders, most of them never before published. Accompanying the pictures is a photographer's statement, in which Keith Carter describes the genesis of this project and muses on what it is about horses that draws him to them as photographic subjects. Distinguished art and photography critic John Wood places Carter's equine photos within the wider Western tradition of painting and photographing animals, while praising Carter's rare ability to portray animal subjects without producing kitsch. In his words, "Carter is probably photography's first truly great master of the animal photograph, and none of his other animal photographs are more powerful than his photographs of horses."


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Communication Arts 2001 Design Annual

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Featured Title in Print A-Z
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Keith Carter is an internationally recognized photographer and educator whose work appears in many public and private collections. His previous books are Holding Venus, Keith Carter Photographs: Twenty-Five Years, Heaven of Animals, Bones, Mojo, The Blue Man, and From Uncertain to Blue.