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The Bat House Builder's Handbook

The Bat House Builder's Handbook
New Edition

The classic text on building bat homes, now updated.

Bat Conservation International
September 2020
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32 pages | 8.5 x 11 |

Since 1994, The Bat House Builder's Handbook has been the definitive source for bat house information. This new edition has been completely revised to incorporate the latest research on improving the success rates for bat houses. It updates the original bat house plans and includes a new "rocket box" design, along with mounting suggestions, tips for experimentation, frequently asked bat house questions, and information about bats most likely to use bat houses.

  • Why Build a Bat House?
  • Participate in the Bat House Project
  • Building Your Bat House
  • Single-chamber Bat House Plans
  • Four-chamber Nursery House Plans
  • Two-chamber Rocket Box Plans
  • Pointers for Bat House Experimenters
  • BCI Research Boosts Bat House Success
  • What We're Learning from Experimentation
  • Ideas for the Future
  • Troubleshooting Your Bat House
  • Payoffs of Bat Conservation
  • Frequently Asked Bat House Questions
  • Bats Most Likely to Occupy Bat Houses
  • Bats Need Your Help!