American Historical Association Virtual Exhibit

We are pleased to exhibit at the 2023 meeting of the American Historical Association in Philadelphia, PA from January 5 – 8, 2023, and offer a discount on all of our new and award-winning books on the history of the United States, the Ancient World, Latin America, and the Middle East. Browse our list of new and recent titles, chat with our editor Kerry Webb at Booth #209, and learn about Latinx: The Future is Now and Historia USA series’, and more. Browse featured books below!

Apply the discount code UTXAHA during checkout to receive 30% off the full list price of any book for domestic orders, plus free domestic shipping. Offer valid from January 5 – January 31, 2023. Free standard U.S. domestic shipping is included.

Below is a schedule of our authors presenting their work:

Alex Hidalgo, What’s Special about Maps? Teaching Border Regions
History with Digital and Physical Materials
1/5, 1:30 PM (in-person)
Carlos Kevin Blanton, Flipped, Flexible, and Free (Resources): Reinvigorating
the Big US History Survey at Texas A&M University
1/6, 10:30 AM (in-person)
George T. Díaz, Borderlands and Frontiers Studies Section: The
Criminal (Un)Justice System in the US and Mexico
1/6, 7:15 PM (in-person)

Latinx: The Future is Now

Edited by Nicole Guidotti-Hernandez and Lorgia Garcia-Peña

Read more about the series

Latinx: The Future Is Now is an interdisciplinary series devoted to the evolving field of Latina/o/x studies, including Central American, Afro-Latinx, and Asian-Latinx studies. Situated at the nexus of cultural, performance, historical, food, environmental, and textual studies, the series will focus on ways in which the racial, cultural, and social formations of historical Latinx communities can engage and enhance scholarship across geographies and nationalities. The series editors invite projects that consider the multiple queer and gender-fluid possibilities that are embodied in the “x”; projects that have a feminist critique of patriarchy at the center of their intellectual work; projects that deploy a relational approach to ethnic and national groups; and projects that address the overlapping dynamics of gender, race, sexual, and national identities. Submissions or queries may be directed to the series editors, Nicole Guidotti-Hernandez, and Lorgia Garcia-Peña, in addition to Senior Acquisitions Editor, Kerry Webb,

Historia USA

Edited by Luis Alvarez, Carlos Kevin Blanton, and Lorrin Thomas

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Historia USA advances the interpretive and methodological innovations that are generating vibrant new historical narratives about Latina/o communities in the United States. The series prioritizes histories constructed within broad, interdisciplinary frameworks rather than discrete studies focused on a single group or discipline; narratives that account for the hemispheric and transnational dimensions of the US Latina/o experience; and scholarship that maps the experience of Latinx groups around the nation and traces their complicated histories far beyond standard and separate narratives. Submissions or queries may be directed to Senior Acquisitions Editor, Kerry Webb,

Resurrecting Tenochtitlan

Delia Cosentino, Adriana Zavala


Pitching Democracy

April Yoder


Texas Lithographs

Ron Tyler


Before Lawrence v. Texas

Wesley G. Phelps


The Rural State

Javier Puente


The Foundations of Glen Canyon Dam

Erika Marie Bsumek


Roots of Resistance

Suyapa G. Portillo Villeda


Choreographing Mexico

Manuel R. Cuellar


Apostles of Change

Felipe Hinojosa


Texas Takes Wing

Barbara Ganson


Border Land, Border Water

C. J. Alvarez


Chicanx Utopias

Luis Alvarez


Agent of Change

Cynthia E. Orozco


Barbara Jordan

Max Sherman


The Egyptian Labor Corps

Kyle J. Anderson


Civil Rights in Black and Brown

Max Krochmal, Todd Moye


No Color Is My Kind

Thomas R. Cole


Electrifying Mexico

Diana Montaño


The Republican Party of Texas

Wayne Thorburn


Violence in the Hill Country

Nicholas Keefauver Roland


Borderlands Curanderos

Jennifer Koshatka Seman


Viva George!

Elaine A. Peña



Brenda Elsey, Joshua Nadel


Border Policing

Holly M. Karibo, George T. Díaz


Big Wonderful Thing

Stephen Harrigan


Andean Cosmopolitans

José Carlos de la Puente Luna


A Promising Problem

Carlos Kevin Blanton