American Anthropological Association Virtual Exhibit

Featured books at the American Anthropological Association

We are pleased to exhibit at the 2022 meeting of the American Anthropological Association in Seattle from November 9 – 13, 2022, and offer a discount on all of our new and award-winning books in anthropology and sociology. Browse our new and recent titles, chat with our editors, and enjoy a great discount!

Apply the discount code UTXAAA during checkout to receive 30% off the full list price of any book for domestic orders, plus free standard U.S. domestic shipping. Offer valid through December 31, 2022. Browse featured books below!

Below is a schedule of our authors presenting their work:

L.L. Wynn, Sex in the Middle East and North Africa: Ethnographic
Research from around the Region
View on Demand Podcast
Margaret E. Dorsey, Water’s Infrastructural Power: Opening Up Policy Landscapes11/9 12:00 PM (Virtual)
Mariana Mora and Charles Hale, Black and Indigenous Resistance in the Americas: From Multiculturalism to Racist Backlash11/9 2:15 PM (In-person)
Jon Carter and Mariana Mora, Roundtable Discussion on Crossing the Current: Aftermaths of War Along the Huallaga River11/9 4:30 PM (In-person)
David Syring, Disrupting Landscapes Using Participatory Models & Visual Methods in Anthropology11/10 10:15 AM (In-person)
Ann Miles, Landscapes of Identity in the Wake of Migration11/10 10:15 AM (In-person)
Sofian Merabet, Risks and Harms of Fieldwork and Fieldworkers in Anthropology11/10 4:15 PM (Virtual)
Rosemary A. Joyce, Social Archaeology Futures11/10 4:15 PM
Iván Sandoval-Cervantes, Toward Multispecies Justice: Unsettling Rights, Recognition, and Repair11/10 4:15 PM (In-person)
Ana Mariella Bacigalupo, Ecocentric Reciprocities: Valuing More-Than-Human Landscapes11/10 4:15 PM (Virtual)
Jennifer R. Nájera, Anthropological Perspectives and Undergraduate Teaching in Small or Non-Anthropology Programs11/10 6:30 PM (In-person)
Sarah Luna, Fieldwork Confessionals Redux: Unsettling Ethnography11/11 82:00 AM (In-person)
Beth A. Conklin, Being Indigenous in Times of Pandemic and Extractivism11/11 82:00 AM (In-person)
Leigh Binford, Wages and Wagelessness: Labor in the 21st Century11/11 22:00 PM (Virtual)
Setha M. Low, Beach Politics: Racial and Class Exclusion and
Environmental Vulnerability on Unsettled Shores
11/12 10:15 AM (Virtual)
Catherine J. Allen, Working Title: Intersections of Anthropology and Playwriting: Methods, Ethics, and Inspiration11/12 10:15 AM (Virtual)
David Tavárez, Sounding Foreign: Colonial Languages, Indigenous Landscapes, and Unsettling Ironies11/12 2:00 PM (In-person)
Juliane Hammer, Embodied Encounters of Violence and Faith: Feminist & Decolonial Perspectives on Gender and Religion11/12 4:15 PM (In-person)
Florence Babb, Re-Centering Women in Tourism: A Conversation11/12 4:15 PM (In-person)

Dancing with Life

Recontextualizing Mexican Masks

Pavel Shlossberg

Unseen Art

Making, Vision, and Power in Ancient Mesoamerica

Claudia Brittenham

The Right Kind of Suffering

Gender, Sexuality, and Arab Asylum Seekers in America

Rhoda Kanaaneh

Unraveling Time

Thirty Years of Ethnography in Cuenca, Ecuador

Ann Miles

Migrant Feelings, Migrant Knowledge

Building a Community Archive

Robert Irwin

Undocumented Motherhood

Conversations on Love, Trauma, and Border Crossing

Elizabeth Farfán-Santos

Oaxaca in Motion

An Ethnography of Internal, Transnational, and Return Migration

Iván Sandoval-Cervantes

The Continuing Storm

Learning from Katrina

Kai Erikson, Lori Peek

More City than Water

A Houston Flood Atlas

Lacy M. Johnson, Cheryl Beckett

Taking Form, Making Worlds

Cartonera Publishers in Latin America

Lucy Bell, Alex Ungprateeb Flynn, Patrick O'Hare

Abecedario de Juárez

An Illustrated Lexicon

Julián Cardona, Alice Leora Briggs

Rethinking Zapotec Time

Cosmology, Ritual, and Resistance in Colonial Mexico

David Tavárez

Image Encounters

Moche Murals and Archaeo Art History

Lisa Trever

Rethinking the Inka

Community, Landscape, and Empire in the Southern Andes

Frances M. Hayashida, Andrés Troncoso, Diego Salazar

Gothic Sovereignty

Street Gangs and Statecraft in Honduras

Jon Horne Carter

The Mexican American Experience in Texas

Citizenship, Segregation, and the Struggle for Equality

Martha Menchaca

Downtown Juárez

Underworlds of Violence and Abuse

Howard Campbell

On the Porch

Life and Music in Terlingua, Texas

W. Chase Peeler

Playing with Things

Engaging the Moche Sex Pots

Mary Weismantel

Egypt’s Football Revolution

Emotion, Masculinity, and Uneasy Politics

Carl Rommel

Grandmothers on Guard

Gender, Aging, and the Minutemen at the US-Mexico Border

Jennifer Johnson

Vital Voids

Cavities and Holes in Mesoamerican Material Culture

Andrew Finegold

Borderlands Curanderos

The Worlds of Santa Teresa Urrea and Don Pedrito Jaramillo

Jennifer Koshatka Seman

Descendants of Aztec Pictography

The Cultural Encyclopedias of Sixteenth-Century Mexico

Elizabeth Hill Boone

Her Cup for Sweet Cacao

Food in Ancient Maya Society

Traci Ardren

Viva George!

Celebrating Washington's Birthday at the US-Mexico Border

Elaine A. Peña

Frontier Intimacies

Ayoreo Women and the Sexual Economy of the Paraguayan Chaco

Paola Canova

Radical Cartographies

Participatory Mapmaking from Latin America

Bjørn Sletto, Joe Bryan, Alfredo Wagner, Charles Hale

Making It at Any Cost

Aspirations and Politics in a Counterfeit Clothing Marketplace

Matías Dewey

Sunbelt Diaspora

Race, Class, and Latino Politics in Puerto Rican Orlando

Patricia Silver

Love in the Drug War

Selling Sex and Finding Jesus on the Mexico-US Border

Sarah Luna

Maya Bonesetters

Manual Healers in a Changing Guatemala

Servando Z. Hinojosa, Servando G. Hinojosa

Caught in the Path of Katrina

A Survey of the Hurricane's Human Effects

J. Steven Picou, Keith Nicholls

The Florentine Codex

An Encyclopedia of the Nahua World in Sixteenth-Century Mexico

Jeanette Favrot Peterson, Kevin Terraciano

The Value of Aesthetics

Oaxacan Woodcarvers in Global Economies of Culture

Alanna Cant

Plant Kin

A Multispecies Ethnography in Indigenous Brazil

Theresa L. Miller

Believing Women in Islam

Unreading Patriarchal Interpretations of the Qur'an

Asma Barlas

Believing Women in Islam

A Brief Introduction

Asma Barlas, David Raeburn Finn

Moving In and Out of Islam

Karin van Nieuwkerk

Love, Sex, and Desire in Modern Egypt

Navigating the Margins of Respectability

L. L. Wynn

No Alternative

Childbirth, Citizenship, and Indigenous Culture in Mexico

Rosalynn A. Vega

Recovering Inequality

Hurricane Katrina, the San Francisco Earthquake of 1906, and the Aftermath of Disaster

Steve Kroll-Smith

Words of Passage

National Longing and the Imagined Lives of Mexican Migrants

Hilary Parsons Dick

Life in Oil

Cofán Survival in the Petroleum Fields of Amazonia

Michael L. Cepek, Bear Guerra

Kuxlejal Politics

Indigenous Autonomy, Race, and Decolonizing Research in Zapatista Communities

Mariana Mora

Framing a Lost City

Science, Photography, and the Making of Machu Picchu

Amy Cox Hall

Substance and Seduction

Ingested Commodities in Early Modern Mesoamerica

Stacey Schwartzkopf, Kathryn E. Sampeck

Black Bodies, Black Rights

The Politics of Quilombolismo in Contemporary Brazil

Elizabeth Farfán-Santos

Thunder Shaman

Making History with Mapuche Spirits in Chile and Patagonia

Ana Mariella Bacigalupo

The Color of Love

Racial Features, Stigma, and Socialization in Black Brazilian Families

Elizabeth Hordge-Freeman

Nurturing Masculinities

Men, Food, and Family in Contemporary Egypt

Nefissa Naguib

Standing in the Need

Culture, Comfort, and Coming Home After Katrina

Katherine E. Browne

Queer Brown Voices

Personal Narratives of Latina/o LGBT Activism

Uriel Quesada, Letitia Gomez, Salvador Vidal-Ortiz

Invisible in Austin

Life and Labor in an American City

Javier Auyero, Loïc Wacquant

A Right to Health

Medicine, Marginality, and Health Care Reform in Northeastern Brazil

Jessica Scott Jerome

The Borderlands of Race

Mexican Segregation in a South Texas Town

Jennifer R. Nájera

Rainforest Cowboys

The Rise of Ranching and Cattle Culture in Western Amazonia

Jeffrey Hoelle

Queer Beirut

Sofian Merabet


Intimacy and Aesthetics in Andean Stories

Catherine J. Allen, Julia Meyerson

Consuming Grief

Compassionate Cannibalism in an Amazonian Society

Beth A. Conklin