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Cities and Communities of the Etruscans

Edited by Nancy Thomson de Grummond and Lisa C. Pieraccini

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What defines an Etruscan city or community? How did they arise and how did they create their own identities? To understand the major Etruscan cities better, we must also examine the smaller settlements. How can we trace how communities developed differently from cities? Did these places play a distinctive role in comparison to the cities? Addressing these queries using a broader archaeological gaze allows for a deeper understanding of Etruscan customs, art, and culture. With this series, we hope to shed light on the social, religious, economic, architectural, artistic, and civic fabric of Etruscan cities and communities.

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Paul Hay


Kainua (Marzabotto)

Elisabetta Govi


The Essential Isocrates

Jon D. Mikalson


Sexual Labor in the Athenian Courts

Allison Glazebrook


Women's Lives, Women's Voices

Brenda Longfellow, Molly Swetnam-Burland


Monsters and Monarchs

Debbie Felton


The Ancient Greek Roots of Human Rights

Rachel Hall Sternberg


Poggio Civitate (Murlo)

Anthony Tuck


Arrian the Historian

Daniel W. Leon


Herodotus and the Question Why

Christopher Pelling


Soldiers and Silver

Michael J. Taylor


The Ancient Roman Afterlife

Charles W. King


Cetamura del Chianti

Nancy Thomson de Grummond



Jacopo Tabolli, Orlando Cerasuolo


Homer in Performance

Jonathan L. Ready, Christos C. Tsagalis


The Chora of Metaponto 7

Joseph Coleman Carter, Keith Swift


Controlling Desires

Kirk Ormand


Classics from Papyrus to the Internet

Jeffrey M. Hunt, R. Alden Smith, Fabio Stok, Craig W. Kallendorf



Nancy Thomson de Grummond, Lisa Pieraccini


Conspiracy Theory in Latin Literature

Victoria Emma Pagán, Mark Fenster


Monumentality in Etruscan and Early Roman Architecture

Michael L. Thomas, Gretchen E. Meyers, Ingrid E. M. Edlund-Berry


City of Suppliants

Angeliki Tzanetou


Dangerous Gifts

Deborah Lyons


Mothering and Motherhood in Ancient Greece and Rome

Lauren Hackworth Petersen, Patricia Salzman-Mitchell


Theater of the People

David Kawalko Roselli


Speeches from Athenian Law

Michael Gagarin


Architecture of Minoan Crete

John C. McEnroe


Tragedy Offstage

Rachel Hall Sternberg


Caesar in Gaul and Rome

Andrew M. Riggsby


Etruscan Myths

Larissa Bonfante, Judith Swaddling


The Religion of the Etruscans

Nancy Thomson de Grummond, Erika Simon


Conspiracy Narratives in Roman History

Victoria Emma Pagán


Bodily Arts

Debra Hawhee


Death and the Emperor

Penelope J. E. Davies


Blood in the Arena

Alison Futrell