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#82, Fall 2018

The Velvet Light Trap

Media Dialogues

Quality You Can't Touch:  Mubi Social, Platform Politics, and the Online Distribution of Art Cinema
Jennifer Hessler
An "Exquisite Filmic Haze":  The Complicated Politics of Reportedness in Zero Dark Thirty
Grace Foster
Meme Girls versus Trump:  Digitally Recycled Screen Dialogue as Political Discourse
Jennifer O'Meara
Media Dialogues:  A Scholarly Roundtable, moderated by Eric Dienstfrey and Casey Long
Miranda Banks, Cynthia Baron, James Buhler, Nina Cartier, Liz Greene, Lori Lopez, Miguel Mera, and Jacob Smith
Annotated Bibliography
The Editors

Book Reviews

Queer Game Studies, edited by Bonnie Ruberg and Adrienne Shaw
Reviewed by Tom Welch
Contemporary Russian Cinema:  Symbols of a New Era, by Vlad Strukov
Reviewed by John Bennett