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#80, Fall 2017

The Velvet Light Trap

Production Cultures

Putting Penn to Paper: Warner Bros.’ Contract Governance and the Transition to New Hollywood
Peter Labuza
Herding Cats; or, The Possibilities of Unproduction Studies
Peter C. Kunze
Who's Running the Show? Negotiating Authority in Post-Fin-Syn Writer-Producer Deals
Josh Heuman
"Dancing, Flying Camera Jockeys": Invisible Labor, Craft Discourse, and Embodied Steadicam and Panaglide Technique from 1972 to 1985
Katie Bird
Progressive Television, Translation, and Globalization: The Case of Glee in Latin America
Laurena Bernabo
Between-the-Lines: Social Media, Professional Identity, and TV’s Liminal Laborers
Myles McNutt

Book Reviews

When Movies Were Theater: Architecture, Exhibition, and the Evolution of American Film by William Paul
Reviewed by Leo Rubinkowski
Tsui Hark’s Peking Opera Blues by Tan See Kam
Reviewed by Chelsea McCracken