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2018 JLAG, 17:3

Journal of Latin American Geography
Petro-Geographies and Hydrocarbon Realities in Latin America
Matthew Fry and Elvin Delgado
Petro-geographies and the dialectic of the everyday:  Enforcing environmental laws in the hydrocarbon sector in post-neoliberal Ecuador
Teresa Bornschlegl
Canadian Capital and the Denationalization of the Mexican Energy Sector:  A Geojuridical Approach
Aleida Hernandez Cervantes and Anna Zalik
Shifting Volumetric Imaginaries of Oil Potential in Mexico’s Chicontepec Basin:  Investible Asset, Reserve Replacement, and Oilfield Services Zone
Matthew Fry
Fracking Vaca Muerta:  Socioeconomic Implications of Shale Gas Extraction in Northern Patagonia, Argentina
Elvin Delgado
“Jodidísimos”:  The Local Politics of Hydrocarbon Acceptance in Colombia’s Eastern Plains
Néstor L. Silva
Metano-territorialidades:  La ‘Era del Gas Natural’ En Peru y Bolivia
           Felipe Irarrázaval
How Guyana’s Oil Discovery Rekindled a Border Controversy
           Anthony R. Cummings
Reassembling Caribbean Energy?  Petrocaribe, (Post-) Plantation Sovereignty, and Caribbean Energy Futures
Conor Harrison and Jeff Popke
Energy, extractivism and hydrocarbon geographies in contemporary Latin America
Tom Perreault

JLAG Perspectives

The Border Wall and Beyond:  Political and Environmental Perspectives
Margaret Wilder
The Poetry of “Build the Wall”
Reece Jones
Wall Work
Margath Walker
Jump It, Climb It, Dig It for the Environment:  Meddling with Trump’s Border Wall
Francisco Lara-Valencia and Margaret Wilder
Walls, Waivers, and What We Don’t Know
Kenneth D. Madsen
Hardening the Border
Stefano Bloch
Beyond Sovereign Exclusion:  Progressive Alternatives to the Wall
Matthew Longo


Book Reviews


Limits to Decolonization:  Ingenuity, Territory, and Hydrocarbon Politics in the Bolivian Chaco, by Penelope Anthias
Stephen Cote, Ph.D.
Life in Oil:  Cofán Survival in the Petroleum Fields of Amazonia, by Michael L. Cepek, with photographs by Bear Guerra
Néstor L. Silva
El petróleo en Mexico y sus impactos sobre el territorio, by Martín M. Checa-Artasu and Regina Hernández Franyuti, Editors.
Andrew M. Hilburn
Oil and Nation:  A History of Bolivia’s Petroleum Sector, by Stephen C. Cote
Bret Gustafson
The Extractive Zone:  Social Ecologies and Decolonial Perspectives, by Macarena Gómez-Barris
Tom Perreault
Energy without Conscience:  Oil, Climate Change, and Complicity, by David McDermott Hughes
Macarena Gómez-Barris
Oil, Revolution, and Indigenous Citizenship in Ecuadorian Amazonia, by Flora Lu, Gabriela Valdivia, and Néstor L. Silva
Michael Cepek
Huaorani Transformations in Twenty-First-Century Ecuador:  Treks into the Future of Time, by Laura Rival
Frank Hutchins
Grassroots Politics and Oil Culture in Venezuela:  The Revolutionary Petro-State, by Iselin Asedotter Stronen
Trey Murphy
La Amazonía minada: Minería a gran escala y conflictos en el sur del Ecuador, by Karolien Van Teijlingen, Esben Leifsen, Consuelo Fernández-Salvador, Luis Sánchez Vásquez, Editors
Gabriela Valdivia