Energy 101

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Energy 101

Energy Technology and Policy

By Michael E. Webber

Based on a massive open online course at the University of Texas at Austin, this course app offers a comprehensive road map of energy basics, as well as free access to a suite of multimedia learning tools.


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Distributed for Michael E. Webber, University of Texas at Austin
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Course application | 7 folios with 30 sections, plus 30 video lectures
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Energy is the largest industry in the world and affects every corner of society. Understanding global energy trends requires mastery of a new vocabulary and command of the history, resources, technology, and crosscutting environmental, social, political, and economic factors. With energy fluency, one will be empowered to make better individual energy decisions and think more critically about global energy issues.

Based on the successful 2013 University of Texas at Austin online course, Energy 101 will be a comprehensive road map of energy basics, including historical transitions, the laws of thermodynamics, and the language of energy. Energy 101 covers the fuels—including fossil, nuclear, and renewable—and end-use sectors like transportation, electricity, and the built environment, while exploring the complex topics of energy’s relationship to nature, climate change, water, food, and humanity.

All copies of Energy 101 will include free access to the original suite of multimedia learning tools from the online course, including thirty short video lectures, over seventy interactive exercises, energy calculators, and quizzes to measure and promote individual energy fluency. return to top ↑


As Deputy Director of the Energy Institute, Co-Director of the Clean Energy Incubator, Josey Centennial Fellow in Energy Resources, and Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering, Webber trains the next generation of energy leaders at the University of Texas at Austin and conducts research on energy and environmental topics. He has gained public attention for national syndication of his television special Energy at the Movies on PBS and the global launch of his capstone class, Energy Technology and Policy, as a massive open online course. return to top ↑ 

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  • Introduction and the Basics of Energy
    • Introduction
    • Energy Transitions
    • Energy Literacy
    • Energy Basics
    • Energy Uses
  • Fossil Fuels
    • Introduction to Fossil Fuels
    • Coal
    • Natural Gas
    • Petroleum
    • Unconventional Fossil Fuels
  • Renewable Energy
    • Introduction to Renewable Energy
    • Hydroelectric Energy
    • Wind Energy
    • Solar Energy
    • Geothermal Energy
    • Bioenergy
  • Nuclear Energy
    • Nuclear Energy
  • Electricity
    • Electricity Overview
    • Generation
    • The Grid
    • Electricity Pricing & Valuation
  • Transportation and the Built Environment
    • Energy Uses for Transportation
    • Advanced Fuels and Drivetrains
    • Energy and the Built Environment
  • Energy and ...
    • Energy and the Economy
    • Energy and the Environment
    • Energy and Climate Change
    • Energy and Water
    • Energy and Food
    • Energy and Humanity
  • 30 Video Lectures

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