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Journal of the History of Sexuality

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Established in 1990, The Journal of the History of Sexuality illuminates the history of sexuality in all its expressions, recognizing various differences of class, culture, gender, race, and sexual orientation. Spanning geographic and temporal boundaries, JHS provides a much-needed forum for historical, critical, and theoretical research in this field. Its cross-cultural and cross-disciplinary character brings together original articles and critical reviews from historians, social scientists, and humanities scholars worldwide.


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September 2016, 25:3

Bodies of Spirit and Bodies of Flesh: The Significance of the Sexual Practices Attributed to Heretics from the Eleventh to the Fourteenth Century
Michael D. Barbezat
Public Silence and Police Surveillance: Conflicting Attitudes to Bestiality in Colonial Otago
Sarah Carr
Handmade and Homemade: Vernacular Expressions of American Sexual History
Lisa Z. Sigel
“A Fully Formed Blast from Abroad”?: Australasian Lesbian Circuits of Mobility and the Transnational Exchange of Ideas in the 1960s and 1970s
Rebecca Jennings, Liz Millward
“Overturning the ‘Table’”: The Hidden Meaning of a Talmudic Metaphor for Coitus
Noah Benjamin Bickart

May 2016, 25:2

Feeling Like a Child: Dreams and Practices of Sexuality in the West German Alternative Left during the Long 1970s
Joachim C. Häberlen
Swearing Allegiance: Street Language, US War Propaganda, and the Declining Status of Women in Northeastern Nightlife, 1900–1920
Mara L. Keire
Race, the Homosexual, and the Mattachine Society of Washington, 1961–1970
Kent W. Peacock
Crowning King Anchovy: Cold War Gay Visibility in San Antonio’s Urban Festival
Amy L. Stone
The Homophile Is a Sexual Being: Wallace de Ortega Maxey’s Pulp Theology and Gay Activism
Whitney Strub

January 2016, 25:1

Is He a “Social Danger”? The Franco Regime’s Judicial Prosecution of Homosexuality in Málaga under the Ley de Vagos y Maleantes
Javier Fernández Galeano
Sexy Beast: The Barberini Faun as an Object of Desire
Amanda Herring
Culture, Difference, and Sexual Progress in Turn-of-the-Century Europe: Cultural Othering and the German League for the Protection of Mothers and Sexual Reform, 1905–1914
Kirsten Leng
“We Are Certain of Our Own Insanity”: Antipsychiatry and the Gay Liberation Movement, 1968–1980
Abram J. Lewis
Emotional Expression and the Construction of Heterosexuality: Hugo Bettauer’s Viennese Advice Columns
Britta McEwen
Vice Queens and White Slaves: The FBI’s Crackdown on Elite Brothel Madams in 1930s New York City
Jessica Pliley

September 2015, 24:3

“Making Men What They Should Be”: Male Same-Sex Intimacy and Evangelical Religion in Early Nineteenth-Century New England
Bruce Dorsey
“Our Particular Abhorrence of These Particular Crimes”: Sexual Violence and Colonial Legal Discourse in Aotearoa / New Zealand, 1840–1855
Erin Ford Cozens
Conflicting Heterosexualities: Hermaphroditism and the Emergence of Surgery around 1900
Geertje A. Mak
One, Two, or Many Sexes: Sex Differentiation in Medieval Islamicate Medical Thought
Ahmed Ragab
Nation, Subculture, and Queer Representation: The Film Male Kisaeng and the Politics of Gender and Sexuality in 1960s South Korea
Chung-kang Kim
“Let’s Not Homosexualize the Library Stacks”: Liberating Gays in the Library Catalog
Melissa A. Adler

May 2015, 24:2

“I May Be Seized by Curiosity”: Echoes of Lesbian Desire in a Spanish Letter from Smith College in the 1920s
Santiago López-Ríos
Sex, Pregnancy, and Power in the Late Stalinist Gulag
Wilson T. Bell
The Harmless Psychopath: Legal Debates Promoting the Decriminalization of Sodomy in the United States
Marie-Amelie George
Watching Men Kissing Men: The Australian Reception of the Gay Male Kiss On-Screen
Scott McKinnon
Serving Sex: Playing with Prostitution in the Brasseries à femmes of Late Nineteenth-Century Paris
Andrew Israel Ross

January 2015, 24:1

“Wantoning with the Thighs”: The Socialization of Thigh Sex in England, 1600–1730
Will Fisher
Pathologizing Male Desire: Satyriasis, Masculinity, and Modern Civilization at the Fin de Siècle
Timothy Verhoeven
The Emergence of Sex Education: A Franco-Swiss Comparison, 1900–1930
Virginie De Luca Barrusse and Anne-Françoise Praz
The Rape of Mary M.: A Microhistory of Sexual Violence and Moral Redemption in 1920s Ireland
Lindsey Earner-Byrne
Journey to Work: Transnational Prostitution in Colonial British West Africa
Saheed Aderinto
“Count, Capture, and Reeducate”: The Campaign to Rehabilitate Cuba’s Female Sex Workers, 1959–1966
Rachel Hynson

September 2014, 23:3

Generations and Regeneration: “Sexceptionalism” and Group Identity among Puritans in Colonial New England
Kathy J. Cooke
The Social Significance of Homosexual Scandals in Spain in the Late Nineteenth Century
Richard Cleminson, Pura Fernández, and Francisco Vázquez García
Till Disinterest Do Us Part: Trial Marriage, Public Policy, and the Fear of Familial Decay in the United States, 1900–1930
William Kuby
Infidelities: Morality, Revolution, and Sexuality in Left-Wing Guerrilla Organizations in 1960s and 1970s Argentina
Isabella Cosse
Lesbians Online: Queer Identity and Community Formation on the French Minitel
Tamara Chaplin

May 2014, 23:2

To Write of the Conjugal Act: Intimacy and Sexuality in Muslim Women’s Autobiographical Writing in South Asia
Siobhan Lambert-Hurley
Masculinity, Appearance, and Sexuality: Dandies in Roman Antiquity
Kelly Olson
The Opposite of the Double Standard: Gender, Marriage, and Adultery Prosecution in Late Medieval France
Sara McDougall
“Devils Would Blush to Look”: Brothel Visits of the New York Female Moral Reform Society, 1835 and 1836
Nicolette Severson
The Women Who Danced for a Living: Exploring Taxi Dancers’ Childhood in Chicago’s Polish American Communities, 1920–1926
Angela I. Fritz
The Parable of Kitty Genovese, the New York Times, and the Erasure of Lesbianism
Marcia M. Gallo

January 2014, 23:1

The Courtesan and the Birth of Ars Erotica in the Kāmasātra: A History of Erotics in the Wake of Foucault
Sanjay Gautam
“Is He a Licentious Lewd Sort of a Person?”: Constructing the Child Rapist in Early Modern England
Sarah Toulalan
Sodomy, Masturbation, and Courts-Martial in the Antebellum American Navy
B. R. Burg
Oscar Wilde, Sodomy, and Mental Illness in Late Victorian England
Dominic Janes
“This Is 1975, Not 1875”: Despair and Longings in Women’s Letters to Cambridge Lesbian Liberation and Daughters of Bilitis Counselor Julie Lee in the 1970s
Heather Murray

September 2013, 22:3

A Suitcase Full of Vaseline, or Travels in the 1970s Gay World
Lucas Hilderbrand
Bad Examples: Children, Servants, and Masturbation in Nineteenth-Century France
Andrew J. Counter
“We, the Sexologists . . .”: Arabic Medical Writing on Sexuality, 1879–1943
Liat Kozma
Love, Sex, and Happiness in Education: The Russells, Beacon Hill School, and Teaching “Sex-Love” in England, 1927–1943
Carla Hustak
Viola Bernard and the Analysis of “Alice Conrad”: A Case Study in the History of Intimacy
Joy Damousi
“It Is One of Those Things That Nobody Can Explain”: Medicine, Homosexuality, and the Australian Criminal Courts during World War II
Yorick Smaal

May 2013, 22:2

Special Issue: Sexuality in Imperial China

Guest Editor: Weijing Lu

Weijing Lu
Historicizing Great Bliss: Erotic in Tang China (618–907)
Ping Yao
Abstaining from Sex: Mourning Ritual and the Confucian Elite
Weijing Lu
Anecdotal Writing on Illicit Sex in Song China (960–1279)
Cong Ellen Zhang
The Gendered Body in the Qing Courtroom
Matthew H. Sommer
Male-Male Sexual Bonding and Male Friendship in Late Imperial China
Martin W. Huang

January 2013, 22:1

In Bizarre Fashion: The Double-Voiced Discourse of John Willie's Fetish Fantasia
Julia Pine
Colonial Allure: Normal Homoeroticism and Sodomy in French and Timucuan Encounters in Sixteenth-Century Florida
Heather Martel
Reconsidering Libertines and Early Modern Heterosexuality: Sex and American Founder Gouverneur Morris
Thomas Foster
Trauma, Body, and Mind: Forensic Medicine in Nineteenth-Century Dutch Rape Cases
Willemijn Ruberg
Keying Desire: Alfred Kinsey's Use of Punched-Card Machines for Sex Research
Donna J. Drucker
"The Civil Rights of Parents": Race and Conservative Politics in Anita Bryant's Campaign against Gay Rights in 1970s Florida
Gillian Frank

September 2012, 21:3

Winnie Woodfern Comes Out in Print: Story-Paper Authorship and Protolesbian Self-Representation in Antebellum America
Daniel A. Cohen
From the Sexual Question to the Praise of Prostitution: Modernism and Sexual Politics in Florence, 1908–1914
Mauro Pasqualini
Disorderly Houses: Residencies, Privacy, and the Surveillance of Sexuality in 1920s Harlem
Stephen Robertson, Shane White, Stephen Garton, and Graham White
Waiting for Uncle Ben: Age-Structured Homosexuality in New Zealand, 1920–1950
Chris Brickell
Comrades, Queers, and Oddballs: Sodomy, Masculinity, and Gendered Violence in Leningrad Province of the 1950s
Dan Healey
Sex and the Girl's Single: French Popular Music and the Long Sexual Revolution of the 1960s
Jonathyne Briggs

May 2012, 21:2

Special Issue: Approaches to Childbirth in the Middle Ages

Guest Editor: Margaret Cormack

Introduction: Approaches to Childbirth in the Middle Ages
Margaret Cormack
Childbearing and Infancy in the Carolingian World
Valerie L. Garver
Christianization, Female Infanticide, and the Abundance of Female Burials at Viking Age Birka in Sweden
Nancy L. Wicker
Pregnancy and Childbirth in Twelfth- and Thirteenth-Century French and English Law
Fiona Harris-Stoertz
Of Vanishing Fetuses and Maidens Made-Again: Abortion, Restored Virginity, and Similar Scenarios in Medieval Irish Hagiography and Penitentials
Maeve B. Callan
Childbirth Miracles in Swedish Miracle Collections
Anders Fröjmark
Mothers and the Martyr: The Unlikely Patronage of a Medieval Dominican Preacher
Donald S. Prudlo

January 2012, 21:1

A Depiction of Male Same-Sex Seduction in Ambrogio Lorenzetti’s Effects of Bad Government Fresco
Dennis Romano
The Virtues of Childhood Sexual Abuse and Marital Infidelity in Marie-Jeanne Roland’s Mémoires particuliers (1795)
Mary McAlpin
Replotting the Ethnographic Romance: Revolutionary Frenchmen in the Pacific, 1768–1804
Carol E. Harrison
Where Else but Greenwich Village? Love, Lust, and the Emergence of the American Civil Liberties Union’s Sexual Rights Agenda, 1920–1931
Leigh Ann Wheeler
Sex and the Ordinary Cuban: Cuban Physicians, Eugenics, and Marital Sexuality, 1933–1958
Sarah R. Arvey
A Busman’s Holiday in the Not-So-Lonely Crowd: Business Culture, Epistolary Networks, and Itinerant Homosexuality in Mid-Twentieth-Century America
Nicholas L. Syrett
Charlotte Wolff’s Contribution to Bisexual History and to (Sexuality) Theory and Research: A Reappraisal for Queer Times

September 2011, 20:3

Special Issue: Intersections of Race and Sexuality

Guest Editor: Ramón A. Gutiérrez

Sexual Abuse of Black Men under American Slavery
Thomas A. Foster
“Crimes which startle and horrify”: Gender, Age, and the Racialization of Sexual Violence in White American Newspapers, 1870–1900
Estelle B. Freedman
Missionary Wives and the Sexual Narratives of German Lutheran Missions among Australian Aborigines
Lisa Curtis-Wendlandt
“Ramon is not one of these”: Race and Sexuality in the Construction of Silent Film Actor Ramón Novarro’s Star Image
Ernesto Chávez
Containing “Perversion”: African Americans and Same-Sex Desire in Cold War Los Angeles
Kevin Allen Leonard
“Miss Eurafrica”: Men, Women’s Sexuality, and Métis Identity in Late Colonial French Africa, 1945–1960
Rachel Jean-Baptiste
Men in the House: Race, Welfare, and the Regulation of Men’s Sexuality in the United States, 1961–1972
Alison Lefkovitz

May 2011, 20:2

Special Issue: Sexual Deviance and Social Control in Late Imperial Eastern Europe

Guest Editors: Keely Stauter-Halsted and Nancy M. Wingfield

Introduction: The Construction of Sexual Deviance in Late Imperial Eastern Europe
Keely Stauter-Halsted and Nancy M. Wingfield

Deviance and the Public Sphere: Media Sensations and Sex Scandals

Scandal at the Severnaia; or, Sex and the “New Man” in Late Imperial Odessa
Roshanna P. Sylvester
Sex Scandals, Sexual Violence, and the Word on the Street: The Kolasówna Lustmord in Cracow’s Popular Press, 1905–1906
Nathaniel D. Wood

Prostitution and Sex Trafficking

The Physician and the Fallen Woman: Medicalizing Prostitution in the Polish Lands
Keely Stauter-Halsted
Destination: Alexandria, Buenos Aires, Constantinople; “White Slavers” in Late Imperial Austria
Nancy M. Wingfield
Prostitutes as a Threat to National Honor in Habsburg-Occupied Serbia during the Great War
Jovana Knežević

Cross-Dressing and Gender Bending

Cross-Dressing in a Russian Orthodox Monastery: The Case of Mariia Zakharova
Christine D. Worobec
Of Female Chastity and Male Arms: The Balkan “Man-Woman” in the Age of the World Picture
Aleksandra Djajić Horváth

January 2011, 20:1

Exclusion as Language and the Language of Exclusion: Tracing Regimes of Gender through Linguistic Representations of the "Eunuch"
Shane Gannon
Between Monks: Tales of Monastic Companionship in Early Byzantium
Derek Krueger
Unbecoming Women: Sex Reversal in the Scientific Discourse on Female Deviance in Britain, 1880–1920
Lisa Carstens
"Must we dance naked?": Art, Beauty, and Law in Munich and Paris, 1911–1913
Edward Ross Dickinson
The Stained Glass Closet: Celibacy and Homosexuality in the Church of England to 1955
Timothy Jones
"The most profoundly revolutionary act a homosexual can engage in": Drag and the Politics of Gender Presentation in the San Francisco Gay Liberation Movement, 1964–1972
Betty Luther Hillman

September 2010, 19:3

"Fitful Rambles of an Unruly Pencil": George Southern's Challenge to Sexual Normativity in 1920s Australia
Lisa Featherstone
Liberal Exclusions and Sex between Men in the Modern Era: Speculations on a Framework
Charles Upchurch
Power and Passion in Sixteenth-Century Florence: The Sexual and Political Reputations of Alessandro and Cosimo I de' Medici
Nicholas Scott Baker
"Against Their Own Weakness": Policing Sexuality and Women in San Antonio, Texas, during World War I
Courtney Q. Shah
Paying for Love: Women's Work and Love in Popular Film in Interwar Britain
Christine Grandy
"Kissing is a symbol of democracy!" Dating, Democracy, and Romance in Occupied Japan, 1945–1952
Mark McLelland
The American Gay Rights Movement and Patriotic Protest
Simon Hall

May 2010, 19:2

Picturing Same-Sex Marriage in the Antebellum United States: The Union of "Two Most Excellent Men" in Longstreet's "A Sage Conversation"
Timothy Stewart-Winter and Simon Stern
Shifting the Scene of the Crime: Sodomy and the American History of Sexual Violence
Stephen Robertson
Frigidity at the Fin-de-Siècle in France: A Slippery and Capacious Concept
Alison Moore and Peter Cryle
From Subversion to Obscenity: FBI's Investigation of the Early Homophile Movement in the United States, 1953–1958
Douglas M. Charles
Parthenogenesis and Lesbian Separatism: Regenerating Women's Community through Virgin Birth in the United States in the 1970s and 1980s
Greta Rensenbrink
Asking Angela: Discourses about Sexuality in an Irish Problem Page, 1963–1980
Paul Ryan

January 2010, 19:1

Special Issue: Desire and Eroticism in Medieval Europe, Eleventh to Fifteenth Centuries: Sex without Sex

Guest Editors:Sally N. Vaughn and Christina Christoforatou

Sally N. Vaughn and Christina Christoforatou
The Bishop in the Bedroom: Witnessing Episcopal Sexuality in an Age of Reform
Megan McLaughlin
Long Distance Love: The Ideology of Male-Female Spiritual Friendship in Goscelin of St. Bertin's Liber confortatorius
H. M. Canatella
Saint Anselm and His Students Writing About Love: A Theological Foundation for the Rise of Romantic Love in Europe
Sally N. Vaughn
The Chaste Erotics of Marie d' Oignies and Jacques de Vitry
Jennifer N. Brown
Chaste Marriage, Sexual Desire, and Christian Martyrdom in La vie seinte Audrée
Virginia Blanton
"Temples to Christ's Indwelling": Forms of Chastity in a Barking Abbey Manuscript
Nicole R. Rice
Uncovering Difference: Encoded Homoerotic Anxiety within the Christian Eremitic Tradition in Medieval England
Michelle M. Sauer

September 2009, 18:3

Special Issue: New Perspectives on Commercial Sex and Sex Work in Urban America, 1850-1940

Guest Editor: Timothy J. Gilfoyle

"Wouldn't a Boy Do?" Placing Early-Twentieth-Century Male Youth Sex Work into Histories of Sexuality
Don Romesburg
Saving Young Girls from Chinatown: White Slavery and Woman Suffrage, 1910-1920
Mary Ting Yi Lui
"Bright and Good Looking Colored Girl": Black Women's Sexuality and "Harmful Intimacy" in Early-Twentieth-Century New York
Cheryl D. Hicks
"Look for the Moral and Sex Sides of the Problem": Investigating Jewishness, Desire and Disciplne at Macy's Department Store, New York City, 1913
Val Marie Johnson
Barnum's Brothel: P.T.'s "Last Great Humbug"
Timothy J. Gilfoyle

May 2009, 18:2

Mollies Down Under: Cross-Dressing and Australian Masculinity in Peter Carey's True History of the Kelly Gang
Heather Smyth
Medieval Arab Lesbians and Lesbian-Like Women
Sahar Amer
Women, the Family, and the Fate of the Nation in American Anti-Catholic Narratives, 1830–1860
Sandra Frink
Faith, Desire, and Sexual Identity: Constance Maynard's Atonement for Passion
Pauline Phipps
The Queer Histories of a Crime: Representations and Narratives of Leopold and Loeb
David S. Churchill

January 2009, 18:1

Special Issue: Feminine Sexual Pathologies in Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Europe

Guest Editors: Peter Cryle and Lisa Downing

Introduction: Feminine Sexual Pathologies
Peter Cryle and Lisa Downing
From Lamarck to Aberration: Nature, Hierarchies, and Gender
Caroline Warman
Female Sterilization and Artificial Insemination at the French Fin de Siècle: Facts and Fictions
Michael Finn
"A Terrible Ordeal from Every Point of View": (Not) Managing Female Sexuality on the Wedding Night
Peter Cryle
Housewife or Harlot? Sex and the Married Woman in Nineteenth-Century France
Rachel Mesch
Theorizing Female Inversion: Sexology, Discipline, and Gender at the Fin de Siècle
Heike Bauer
The Origin of Italian Sexological Studies: Female Sexual Inversion, ca. 1870–1900
Chiara Beccalossi
Murder in the Feminine: Marie Lafarge and the Sexualization of the Nineteenth-Century Criminal Woman
Lisa Downing
Rethinking Gendered Perversion and Degeneration in Visions of Sadism and Masochism, 1886–1930
Alison Moore
Selfish Passions and Artificial Desire: Rereading Clérambault's Study of "Silk Erotomania"
Peta Allen Shera

September 2008, 17:3

Illegal Sexual Behavior in Late Medieval Norway as Testified in Supplications to the Pope
Torstein Jørgensen
Producing Patriarchy: Male Sodomy and Gender in Early Modern Spain
Cristian Berco
Women's Bodies, Demography, and Public Health: Abortion Policy and Perspectives in the Ottoman Empire of the Nineteenth Century
Tuba Demirci and Selçuk Akşin Somel
Pathologizing the Leaky Male Body: Spermatorrhoea in Nineteenth-Century British Medicine and Popular Anatomical Museums
Elizabeth Stephens
Queering Fundamentalism: John Balcom Shaw and the Sexuality of a Protestant Orthodoxy
Kathryn Lofton

May 2008, 17:2

Who Is the Subject? Queer Theory Meets Oral History
Nan Alamilla Boyd
Erotica and Women in Early Modern France: Madeleine de l'Aubespine's Queer Poems
This article received the 2009 Nancy Lyman Roelker Prize from the Sixteenth Century Society and Conference.
Anna Klosowska
Prostitution and the Origins of the Governmental Regulatory System in Nineteenth-Century Spain: The Plans of the Trienio Liberal, 1820–1823
Jean-Louis Guereña
Controlling Male Sexuality: Combating Venereal Disease in the New Zealand Military during Two World Wars
Antje Kampf
The Battle in Every Man's Bed: Playboy and the Fiery Feminists
Carrie Pitzulo

January 2008, 17:1

Special Issue: Masculinity and Homosexuality in Germany and the German Colonies, 1880–1945

Guest Editors: Daniel Walther and Clayton Whisnant

Introduction: Gay German History: Future Directions?
Clayton Whisnant
Racializing Sex: Same-Sex Relations, German Colonial Authority, and Deutschtum
Daniel J. Walther
Colonial Intimacy: The Rechenberg Scandal and Homosexuality in German East Africa
Heike I. Schmidt
Male Sexuality and Psychological Trauma: Soldiers and Sexual Disorder in World War I and Weimar Germany
Jason Crouthamel
The Rites of Artgenossen: Contesting Homosexual Political Culture in Weimar Germany
Glenn Ramsey
Queer Eyes and Wagnerian Guys: Homoeroticism in the Art of the Third Reich
Tim Pursell

September 2007, 16:3

Special Issue: Latin American Sexualities

Guest Editor: Ramón A. Gutiérrez

Introduction to the Special Issue
Ramón A. Gutiérrez
Masturbation, Salvation, and Desire: Connecting Sexuality and Religiosity in Colonial Mexico
Zeb Tortorici
Women on Top: The Love Magic of the Indian Witches of New Mexico
Ramón A. Gutiérrez
Conjugal Violence, Sex, Sin, and Murder in the Mission Communities of Alta California
Brian T. McCormack
Masculine Friendships, Sentiment, and Homoerotics in Nineteenth-Century Mexico: The Correspondence of José María Calderón y Tapia, 1820s–1850s
Víctor Manuel Macías-González
Plebeian Masculinity and Sexual Comedy in Buenos Aires, 1880–1930
Pablo Ben
Sex and the Security State: Gender, Sexuality, and "Subversion" at Brazil's Escola Superior de Guerra, 1964–1985
Benjamin Cowan
"Obvious Gays" and the State Gaze: Cuban Gay Visibility and U.S. Immigration Policy during the 1980 Mariel Boatlift
Susana Peña

May 2007, 16:2

The Peirce Brothers, John Addington Symonds, Horatio Brown, and the Boundaries of Defending Homosexuality in Late-Nineteenth-Century Anglo-America
William Pencak
Purgatory, Punishment, and the Discourse of Holy Widowhood in the High and Later Middle Ages
Katherine Clark
Policing Sex in Germany, 1882-1982: A Preliminary Statistical Analysis
Edward Ross Dickinson
Free for All Lesbians: Lesbian Cultural Production and Consumption in the United States during the 1970s
Heather Murray
Discophobia: Antigay Prejudice and the 1979 Backlash against Disco
Gillian Frank

January 2007, 16:1

A Neglected Document on Socialism and Sex
Christopher Phelps
Female Mutability and Male Anxiety in an Early Buddhist Legend
Serinity Young
Milkmaids, Ploughmen, and Sex in Eighteenth-Century Britain
Robin Ganev
Sapphism and Sedition: Producing Female Homosexuality in Great War Britain
Deborah Cohler
A Part and Apart: Lesbian and Straight Feminist Activists Negotiate Identity in a Second-Wave Organization
Stephanie Gilmore and Elizabeth Kaminski

September 2006, 15:3

Queer Hoover: Sex, Lies, and Political History
Claire Bond Potter
Children of Disorder: Clerical Parentage, Illegitimacy, and Reform in the Middle Ages
Laura Wertheimer
Sexual and Textual Indeterminacy: Eighteenth-Century English Representations of Sapphism
Catherine Craft-Fairchild
Authenticity and Asceticism: Discourse and Performance in Nude Culture and Health Reform in Belgium, 1920–1940
Evert Peeters
Gayola: Police Professionalization and the Politics of San Francisco's Gay Bars, 1950–1968
Christopher Agee

May 2006, 15:2

Chaussons in the Streets: Sodomy in Seventeenth-Century Paris
Jeffrey Merrick
Infidelity and the Presidio Captain: Adultery and Honor in the Lives of María Rosa Tato y Anza and José Antonio Vildósola, Sonora, New Spain, 1769–1783
Carlos Herrera
"One Yank and They're Off": Interaction between U.S. Troops and Northern Irish Women, 1942–1945
Leanne McCormick
Perversion for Profit: Citizens for Decent Literature and the Arousal of an Antiporn Public in the 1960s
Whitney Strub
Spiral Women: Locating Lesbian Activism in New Zealand Feminist Art, 1975–1992
Judith Collard

January 2006, 15:1

Monastic Masturbation in Pali Buddhist Texts
J. Duncan M. Derrett
Heterosexuality as a Threat to Medieval Studies
James A. Schultz
"Inspired by Flames of Love": Homosexuality, Mysticism, and Moravian Brothers around 1750
Paul Peucker
"Model Mamas": The Domestic Partnership of Home Economics Pioneers Flora Rose and Martha Van Rensselaer
Megan Elias
The Joy of Work: Helen Gurley Brown, Gender, and Sexuality in the White-Collar Office
Julie Berebitsky

October 2005, 14:4

The Queer Life and Afterlife of Roger Casement
Brian Lewis
Embodying Delinquency: Boys' Bodies, Sexuality, and Juvenile Justice History in Early-Twentieth-Century Quebec
Tamara Myers
"Your body is yours": Anarchism, Birth Control, and Eugenics in Interwar France
Richard Sonn
Sexualizing Youth: Morality Campaigns and Representations of Youth in Early 1960s Buenos Aires
Valeria Manzano

July 1995, 6:1

Celibate Pleasures: Masculinity, Desire, and Asceticism in Augustine
Erin Sawyer
Images of Alice: Gender, Deviancy, and a Love Murder in Memphis
Lisa J. Lindquist
Mother Nature versus the Amazons: Marina Tsvetaeva and Female Same-Sex Love
Diana Lewis Burgin
Youth, Corruptibility, and English-Canadian Postwar Campaigns against Indecency, 1948-1955
Mary Louise Adams

July 2005, 14:3

Savages in the Scottish Enlightenment's History of Desire
Pat Moloney
Nationalizing Sexuality: Sexual Stereotypes in the Habsburg Empire
Alexander Maxwell
Heterogeneous Imperialism and the Regulation of Sexuality in British West Africa
Richard Phillips
Sexuality and Gender in Hirschfeld's Die Transvestiten: A Case of the "Elusive Evidence of the Ordinary"
Darryl B. Hill

January/April 2005, 14:1/2

Special Issue: Studying the History of Sexuality: Theory, Methods, Praxis

Guest Editors: Julian Carter and Lesley A. Hall

Introduction: Theory, Methods, Praxis: The History of Sexuality and the Question of Evidence
Julian Carter
Without a Trace: Sexuality and the Colonial Archive
Anjali Arondekar
Where in the World are the Lesbians?
Linda Garber
Vernon Lee's Place in Lesbian History: Some Thoughts on Letters, Evidence, and Desire
Sally Newman
Feminine Masculinities: Scientific and Literary Representations of "Female Inversion" at the Turn of the Twentieth Century
Claudia Breger
On Mother-Love: History, Queer Theory, and Nonlesbian Identity
Julian Carter
Twilight Moments
Anna Clark
What's Law Got to Do with It? Legal Records and Sexual Histories
Stephen Robertson
Remembering Foucault
Jeffrey Weeks

October 2004, 13:4

"Having It off" with Fish, Camels, and Lads: Sodomitic Pleasures in German-Language Turcica
Silke R. Falkner
Discourse and Sexual Desire: German-Language Discourse on Masturbation in the Late Eighteenth Century
Franz X. Eder
"A Very Proper Bostonian": Rediscovering Ogden Codman and His Late-Nineteenth-Century Queer World
David D. Doyle Jr.
"Anna Rüling": A Problematic Foremother of Lesbian Herstory
Christiane Leidinger
"The Sexual State": Sexuality and Scottish Governance, 1950–1980
Roger Davidson

July 2004, 13:3

Philosophy in the English Boudoir: Havelock Ellis, Love and Pain, and Sexological Discourses on Algophilia
Ivan Crozier
Mephistopheles and Monkeys: Rejuvenation, Race, and Sexuality in Popular Culture in Interwar France
Brett A. Berliner
Building a More Stately Closet: French Gay Movements since the Early 1980s
Scott Gunther
The Sexual Unification of Germany
Ingrid Sharp

April 2004, 13:2

"Wearing out a Pair of Fool's Shoes": Sexual Advice for Youth in Holland's Golden Age
Benjamin B. Roberts, Leendert F. Groenendijk
William Acton's Antipodean Disciples: A Colonial Perspective on His Theories of Male Sexual (Dys)Function
Robert Darby
"This Intricate Commerce of Souls": The Origins and Some Early Expressions of Lytton Strachey's Ethics
Todd Avery
The Politics of Sexual Knowledge: The Origins of Ireland's Containment Culture and the Carrigan Report (1931)
James M. Smith

January 2004, 13:1

The Sodomitic Lions of Granada
Glenn W. Olsen
In the Name of the Law: The "Female Homosexual" and the Criminal Code in Fin de Siècle Germany
Tracie Matysik
Regulating Chinese Women's Sexuality during the Japanese Occupation of Manchuria: Reading between the Lines of Wu Ying's "Yu" (Lust) and Yang Xu's Wo de riji (My Diary)
Norman Smith
Public Pedagogy: Sex Education and Mass Communication in the Mid-Twentieth Century
Alison Bashford, Carolyn Strange

October 2003, 12:4

Love, Sodomy, and Scandal: Controlling the Sexual Reputation of Henry III
Katherine B. Crawford
The Trials of Frederick Hollick: Obscenity, Sex Education, and Medical Democracy in the Antebellum United States
April Haynes
Prostitution and Moral Reform in the Borderlands: El Paso, 1890–1920
Ann R. Gabbert
Bahnhof Boys: Policing Male Prostitution in Post-Nazi Berlin
Jennifer V. Evans

July 2003, 12:3

Friction of the Genitals and Secularization of Morality
Patrick Singy
Body Doubles: The Spermatorrhea Panic
Ellen Bayuk Rosenman
Homosexual Signs and Heterosexual Silences: Rorschach Research on Male Homosexuality from 1921 to 1969
Peter Hegarty
The Sexual Abuse Paradigm in Historical Perspective: Passivity and Emotion in Mid-Twentieth-Century America
Beryl Satter

April 2003, 12:2

The B-Girl Evil: Bureaucracy, Sexuality, and the Menace of Barroom Vice in Postwar California
Amanda H. Littauer
The Silence Is Broken: A History of the First Lesbian, Gay, and Bisexual College Student Groups
Brett Beemyn
"That's My Place!": Negotiating Racial, Sexual, and Gender Politics in San Francisco's Gay Latino Alliance, 1975–1983
Horacio N. Roque Ramírez
The Defense of Marriage Act and American Exceptionalism: The "Gay Marriage" Panic in the United States
Barry D. Adam
Competing Claims for Justice: Sexuality and Race at the Eighth Assembly of the Uniting Church in Australia, 1997
Avril Hannah-Jones

January 2003, 12:1

The World League for Sexual Reform: Some Possible Approaches
Ralf Dose
"All the World's a Stage": Dora Russell, Norman Haire, and the 1929 London World League for Sexual Reform Congress
Ivan Crozier
From Neo-Malthusianism to Sexual Reform: The Dutch Section of the World League for Sexual Reform
Henny Brandhorst
Sexual Reform, Psychoanalysis, and the Politics of Divorce in Spain in the 1920s and 1930s
Thomas F. Glick
The World League for Sexual Reform in Spain: Founding, Infighting, and the Role of Hildegart Rodríguez
Alison Sinclair
"Science and Sympathy" or "Sexual Subversion on a Human Basis"? Anarchists in Spain and the World League for Sexual Reform
Richard Cleminson

October 2002, 11:4

Correcting Some Misconceptions about St. Augustine's Sex Life
Alan G. Soble
Randy on the Rand: Portuguese African Labor and the Discourse on "Unnatural Vice" in the Transvaal in the Early Twentieth Century
Ross G. Forman
"Syphilis, Opiomania, and Pederasty": Colonial Constructions of Vietnamese (And French) Social Diseases
Frank Proschan
White-Livered Widders and Bad-Blooded Men: Folk Illness and Sexual Disorder in Southern Appalachia
Anthony Cavender, Steve Crowder

July 2002, 11:3

The Garment and the Man: Masculine Desire in Harris's List of Covent-Garden Ladies, 1764–1793
Elizabeth Campbell Denlinger
Bitches, Mollies, and Tommies: Byron, Masculinity, and the History of Sexualities
D. S. Neff
Officers, Gentlemen, "Man-Talk," and Group Sex in the "Old Navy," 1870–1873
B. R. Burg
"Sporty" Girls and "Artistic" Boys: Friendship, Illicit Sex, and the British "Companionship" Advertisement, 1913–1928
H. G. Cocks

January/April 2002, 11:1/2

Hubris and Hypocrisy, Incitement and Disavowal: Sexuality and German Fascism
Dagmar Herzog
Sexuality and Nazism: The Doubly Unspeakable?
Elizabeth D. Heineman
Backlash against Prostitutes' Rights: Origins and Dynamics of Nazi Prostitution Policies
Julia Roos
Homophobic Propaganda and the Denunciation of Same-Sex-Desiring Men under National Socialism
Stefan Micheler, Patricia Szobar
Telling Sexual Stories in the Nazi Courts of Law: Race Defilement in Germany, 1933 to 1945
Patricia Szobar
Fascism and the Female Form: Performance Art in the Third Reich
Terri J. Gordon
Forbidden Company: Romantic Relationships between Germans and Foreigners, 1939 to 1945
Birthe Kundrus, Patricia Szobar
Sex with a Purpose: Prostitution, Venereal Disease, and Militarized Masculinity in the Third Reich
Annette F. Timm
The Denial of Homosexuality: Same-Sex Incidents in Himmler's SS and Police
Geoffrey J. Giles
Victims, Villains, and Survivors: Gendered Perceptions and Self-Perceptions of Jewish Displaced Persons in Occupied Postwar Germany
Atina Grossmann
The Pink Triangle and Political Consciousness: Gays, Lesbians, and the Memory of Nazi Persecution
Erik N. Jensen

July/October 2001, 10:3/4

Introduction: Foucault's The History of Sexuality: The Fourth Volume, or, a Field Left Fallow for Others to Till
Daniel Boyarin, Elizabeth A. Castelli
A Maidservant and Her Master's Voice: Discourse, Identity, and Eros in Rabbinic Texts
Dina Stein
When Women Walk in the Way of Their Fathers: On Gendering the Rabbinic Claim for Authority
Charlotte Elisheva Fonrobert
Thinking with and about "Same-Sex Desire": Producing and Policing Female Sexuality in the Acts of Xanthippe and Polyxena
Jill Gorman
Queer Lives of Saints: Jerome's Hagiography
Virginia Burrus
The Perils of Love: Magic and Countermagic in Coptic Egypt
David Frankfurter
Ethiopian Demons: Male Sexuality, the Black-Skinned Other, and the Monastic Self
David Brakke

April 2001, 10:2

History's Queer Touch: A Forum on Carolyn Dinshaw's Getting Medieval: Sexualities and Communities, Pre- and Postmodern: Introduction
Elizabeth A. Castelli
Brilliant Constellations: History in the Presence of the Now
Rosemary Drage Hale
The Normal, the Queer, and the Middle Ages
Amy Hollywood
Touching and Acting, or the Closet of Abjection
Mark D. Jordan
Touching the past; Or, Hanging Chad
Ann Pellegrini
Queering Filiality, Raising the Dead
Angela Zito
Got Medieval?
Carolyn Dinshaw
Birds, Bees, and Venereal Disease: Toward an Intellectual History of Sex Education
Julian B. Carter
"I Made up My Mind to Get It": The American Trial of The Well of Loneliness New York City, 1928–1929
Leslie A. Taylor
Toward a Global History of Same-Sex Sexuality
Leila J. Rupp

January 2001, 10:1

Hidden in History: Female Homoeroticism and Women of a "Third Nature" in the South Asian Past
Walter Penrose
"Regeneration; Now and Evermore!": Mormon Polygamy and the Physical Rehabilitation of Humankind
B. Carmon Hardy and Dan Erickson
"This Pernicious Delusion": Law, Medicine, and Child Sexual Abuse in Early-Twentieth-Century Scotland
Roger Davidson
Behind the Mask of Respectability: Reconsidering the Mattachine Society and Male Homophile Practice, 1950s and 1960s
Martin Meeker

October 2000, 9:4

Name Your Pleasure: The Transformation of Sexual Language in Nineteenth-Century British Pornography
Lisa Z. Sigel
"To Become Good, Self-Supporting Women": The State Industrial School for Delinquent Girls at Geneva, Illinois, 1900–1935
Anne Meis Knupfer
The Importance of Being Orgasmic: Sexuality, Gender, and Marital Sex Manuals in the United States, 1920–1963
Jessamyn Neuhaus

July 2000, 9:3

Recording the Unspeakable: Masturbation in the Diary of William Drummond, 1657–1659
David Stevenson
"Sodomitical Sins Are Threefold": Typologies of Bestiality, Masturbation, and Homosexuality in Sweden, 1880–1950
Jens Rydström
The Glandular Solution: Sex, Masculinity, and Aging in the 1920s
Laura Davidow Hirshbein
Murder, Perversion, and Moral Panic: The 1954 Media Campaign against Miami's Homosexuals and the Discourse of Civic Betterment
Fred Fejes

January/April 2000, 9:1/2

"Lesbian-Like" and the Social History of Lesbianisms
Judith M. Bennett
Aphrodisiac Use in Pre-Columbian Aztec and Inca Cultures
Jan G. R. Elferink
Self-Pollution, Moral Reform, and the Venereal Trade: Notes on the Sources and Historical Context of Onania (1716)
Michael Stolberg
"Strong Animal Passions" in the Gilded Age: Race, Sex, and a Senator on Trial
Lynn M. Hudson
Bathhouses, Hustlers, and a Sex Club: The Reception of Mikhail Kuzmin's Wings
John E. Malmstad
Nakedness, Nonviolence, and Brahmacharya: Gandhi's Experiments in Celibate Sexuality
Vinay Lal
From the Lesbian Nation to the Cincinnati Lesbian Community: Moving Toward a Politics of Location
Susan K. Freeman

April 1998, 8:4

Pollution, Promiscuity, and the Pox: English Venereology and the Early Modern Medical Discourse on Social and Sexual Danger
Kevin P. Siena
The Great Masturbation Panic and the Discourses of Moral Regulation in Nineteenth- and Early Twentieth-Century Britain
Alan Hunt
"Only the Real, the True, the Masculine Held Its Value": Ernst Röhm, Masculinity, and Male Homosexuality
Eleanor Hancock

January 1998, 8:3

Signs, Marks, and Private Parts: Doctors, Legal Discourses, and Evidence of Rape in the United States, 1823–1930
Stephen Robertson
Divine Sex, Happy Marriage, Regenerated Nation: Marie Stopes's Marital Manual Married Love and the Making of a Best-Seller, 1918–1955
Alexander C. T. Geppert
Teenage Sexuality in Nazi Germany
Robert G. Waite
"Looking like a Lesbian": The Organization of Sexual Monitoring at the United States-Mexican Border
Eithne Luibheid

October 1997, 8:2

Localizing Sodomy: The "Priest and Sodomite" in Pre-Reformation Germany and Switzerland
Helmut Puff
Plato's Apostles: Edwardian Cambridge and the "New Style of Love"
Julie Anne Taddeo
Writing-Reading the Sexual Revolution in the Early Soviet Union
Greg Carleton
"Intersex" and "Dirty Girls": Mass-Observation and Working-Class Sexuality in England in the 1930s
Peter Gurney

July 1997, 8:1

The Politicization of Pederasty among the Colonial Yucatecan Maya
Pete Sigal
Sleeping in the Arms of Christ: Sanctifying Sexuality in the Eighteenth-Century Moravian Church
Craig D. Atwood
Thai Research on Male Homosexuality and Transgenderism and the Cultural Limits of Foucaultian Analysis
Peter A. Jackson
"All They Needed": AIDS, Consumption, and the Politics of Class
Peter F. Cohen

April 1997, 7:4

The Repression of Sexual Behavior by the Aragonese Inquisition between 1560 and 1700
André Fernandez
Impotence, Biography, and the Froude-Carlyle Controversy: "Revelations on Ticklish Topics"
Trev Lynn Broughton
Eliza Lynn Linton and the Rise of Lesbian Consciousness
Deborah T. Meem
Destaining the (Tattooed) Delinquent Body: The Practices of Moral Regulation at Toronto's Street Haven, 1965-1969
Becki L. Ross

October 1996, 7:2

Sodomy and the Knights Templar
Anne Gilmour-Bryson
Male Homosexuality and Spiritism in the African Diaspora: The Legacies of a Link
James H. Sweet
"The Habitats of Sex-Crazed Perverts": Campaigns against Burlesque in Depression-Era New York City
Andrea Friedman
Incarcerating "Bad Girls": The Regulation of Sexuality through the Female Refuges Act in Ontario, 1920-1945
Joan Sangster

July 1996, 7:1

Wet-Nursing, Onanism, and the Breast in Eighteenth-Century Germany
Simon Richter
Anne Lister's Construction of Lesbian Identity
Anna Clark
Women Ovulate, Men Spermate: Elizabeth Blackwell as a Feminist Physiologist
Kate Krug
"The Inherent Worth and Dignity": Gay Unitarians and the Birth of Sexual Tolerance in Liberal Religion
Mark Oppenheimer

October 1995, 6:2

"Changed... into the Fashion of Man": The Politics of Sexual Difference in a Seventeenth-Century Anglo-American Settlement
Kathleen Brown
"The Most Famous Fairy in History": Antinous and Homosexual Fantasy
Sarah Waters
Proper Conduct: Reinaldo Arenas, Fidel Castro, and the Politics of Homosexuality
Brad Epps
Pictures Don't Lie. Pictures Tell It All
Shannon Bell

October 1994, 5:2

"And with a Male You Shall Not Lie the Lying down of a Woman": On the Meaning and Significance of Leviticus 18:22 and 20:13
Saul M. Olyan
Through a Hole in the Lavatory Wall: Homosexual Subcultures, Police Surveillance, and the Dialectics of Discovery, Toronto, 1890-1930
Steven Maynard
Scientific Racism and the Emergence of the Homosexual Body
Siobhan Somerville
Venereal Disease, Sexual Morality, and Public Health in Interwar Scotland
Roger Davidson

July 1994, 5:1

"They Abused Him like a Woman": Homoeroticism, Gender Blurring, and the Rabbis in Late Antiquity
Michael L. Satlow
Steers, Queers, and Manifest Destiny: Representing the Lesbian Subject in Turn-of-the-Century Texas
Kim Emery
Male Midlife Sexuality in a Gerontocratic Economy: The Privileged Stage of the Long Midlife in Nineteenth-Century Age-Ideology
Margaret Morganroth Gullette
The Adolescent Boy: Fin de Siècle Femme Fatale?
Martha Vicinus
D. H. Lawrence's Sexual Fallacies
James C. Cowan

January 1994, 4:3

The Argentine Dissemination of Homosexuality, 1890-1914
Jorge Salessi
Constructs of Sin and Sodom in Russian Modernism, 1906-1909
Lindsay F. Watton
"The Homosexual Man Is a 'Man,' the Homosexual Woman Is a 'Woman'": Sex, Society, and the Law in Postwar West Germany
Robert G. Moeller
'Til Death Do Us Part: Impossible Spaces in "Thelma and Louise"
Lynda Hart

October 1993, 4:2

Homophobia and the Regulation of Desire: A Psychoanalytic Reading of Marlowe's "Edward II"
Viviana Comensoli
The Homosexual as Villain and Victim in Fin-de-Siècle Drama
Laurence Senelick
African Masks and the Arts of Passing in Gertrude Stein's "Melanctha" and Nella Larsen's "Passing"
Corinne E. Blackmer
Way Out: The Category "Lesbian" and the Fantasy of the Utopic Space
Annamarie Jagose

July 1993, 4:1

Catholic Moral Discourse on Male Sodomy and Masturbation in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries
Pierre Hurteau
Feminism, Venereal Diseases, and the State in Germany, 1890-1918
Ann Taylor Allen
African Americans and Sexual Victorianism in the Social Hygiene Movement, 1910-40
Christina Simmons
The Crisis of Masculinity, Reified Desire, and Catherine Barkley in "A Farewell to Arms"
Charles Hatten
"Something Happens to Girls": Menarche and the Emergence of the Modern American Hygienic Imperative
Joan Jacobs Brumberg

April 1993, 3:4

Not before Homosexuality: The Materiality of the Cinaedus and the Roman Law against Love between Men
Amy Richlin
The Tale of "The Bride and the Monkey": Female Insatiability, Male Impotence, and Simian Virility in Indian Literature
Herman W. Tull
The First Medicalization: The Taxonomy and Etiology of Queerness in Classical Indian Medicine
Michael J. Sweet, Leonard Zwilling
Prostitution in Helsinki: A Disappearing Social Problem?
Margaretha Järvinen

January 1993, 3:3

Childhood and Sexual Identity under Slavery
Anthony S. Parent Jr., Susan Brown Wallace
The Sexualization of Reconstruction Politics: White Women and Black Men in the South after the Civil War
Martha Hodes
Blues Notes on Black Sexuality: Sex and the Texts of Jessie Fauset and Nella Larsen
Ann Ducille
The Anatomy of Lynching
Robyn Wiegman
"Black Gay Male" Discourse: Reading Race and Sexuality between the Lines
Arthur Flannigan-Saint-Aubin

October 1992, 3:2

"Conceived in Sins, Born in Delights": Stories of Procreation from Early Ireland
Lisa M. Bitel
Thomas Gray and the Poetry of "Hopeless Love"
Raymond Bentman
"The Word Made Flesh": Language, Authority, and Sexual Desire in Late Nineteenth-Century America
Jesse F. Battan
Courtesans and Streetwalkers: The Changing Discourses on Shanghai Prostitution, 1890-1949
Gail Hershatter
Demanding Subjectivity: Transsexualism, Medicine, and the Technologies of Gender
Bernice L. Hausman

July 1992, 3:1

Michelet and the Republican Mission, 1868-70: The Policing of Eros
Arthur Mitzman
"Lost Manhood" Found: Male Sexual Impotence and Victorian Culture in the United States
Kevin J. Mumford
Nudity and Modernity in German Dance, 1910-30
Karl Toepfer
Danger on the Home Front: Motherhood, Sexuality, and Disabled Veterans in American Postwar Films
Sonya Michel

April 1992, 2:4

Libertine Sexuality in Post-Restoration England: Group Sex and Flagellation among the Middling Sort in Norwich in 1706-07
Lawrence Stone
Sex Radicalism in the Canadian Pacific Northwest, 1890-1920
Angus McLaren
In Search of "The Real Thing": Ideologies of Love, Modern Romance, and Women's Sexual Subjectivity in the United States, 1920-40
Pamela S. Haag
The Return of Butch and Femme: A Phenomenon in Lesbian Sexuality of the 1980s and 1990s
Lillian Faderman

January 1992, 2:3

Definition and Control: Alexander Walker's Trilogy on Woman
Robyn Cooper
Forbidden by God, Despised by Men: Masturbation, Medical Warnings, Moral Panic, and Manhood in Great Britain, 1850-1950
Lesley A. Hall
Sexual Politics in Wilhelmine Germany: The Male Gender Crisis, Moral Purity, and Homophobia
John C. Fout
The Voluntary Sterilization Campaign in Britain, 1918-39
John Macnicol
Discourses on and of AIDS in West Germany, 1986-90
James W. Jones

October 1991, 2:2

Offense against Family Order: Infanticide in Belgium from the Fifteenth through the Early Twentieth Centuries
René Leboutte
Sex, Gender, and Sexual Identity in Modern Culture: Male Sodomy and Female Prostitution in Enlightenment London
Randolph Trumbach
Colonizing the Breast: Sexuality and Maternity in Eighteenth-Century England
Ruth Perry
Incest or Survival Strategy? Plebeian Marriage within the Prohibited Degrees in Somerset, 1730-1835
Polly Morris
Homosexual Behavior in the Nineteenth-Century Dutch Army
Gert Hekma

July 1991, 2:1

People of the Body: The Problem of the Body for the People of the Book
Howard Eilberg-Schwartz
Disclosure and Secrecy among Gay Men in the United States and Canada: A Shift in Views
Roy Cain
Portraits of Three "Physicians of Conscience": Abortion before Legalization in the United States
Carole Joffe
Of Purebreds and Hybrids: The Politics of Teaching AIDS in the United States
Katherine Cummings

April 1991, 1:4

Literary Fat Rabbis: On the Historical Origins of the Grotesque body
Daniel Boyarin
A Debate on the American Home: The Antipolygamy Controversy, 1880-1890
Joan Smyth Iversen
Representations of Homosexuality: An Essay on Cultural Ontology and Historical Comparison Part II
Gilbert Herdt
Pornography, Fairy Tales, and Feminism: Angela Carter's "The Bloody Chamber"
Robin Ann Sheets
Etching Patriarchal Rule: Ritual Dye, Erotic Potency, and the Moroccan Monarchy
M. Elaine Combs-Schilling

January 1991, 1:3

The Illicit Love Visit: An Archaeology of Old Norse Sexuality
Jenny Jochens
Peasants against Nature: Crossing the Boundaries between Man and Animal in Seventeenth- and Eighteenth-Century Sweden
Jonas Liliequist
Tribades on Trial: Female Same-Sex Offenders in Late Eighteenth-Century Amsterdam
Theo van der Meer
The "Bird in the Cage" in the History of Sexuality: Sir John Everett Millais and William Holman Hunt
Elaine Shefer
Representations of Homosexuality: An Essay on Cultural Ontology and Historical Comparison Part I
Gilbert Herdt

October 1990, 1:2

Early Modern Syphilis
Bruce Thomas Boehrer
Saint Teresa, Hysteria, and Middlemarch
Jill L. Matus
Nazis and Drifters: The Containment of Radical (Sexual) Knowledge in Two Italian Neorealist Films
Terri Ginsberg
Rubber Wars: Struggles over the Condom in the United States
Joshua Gamson
The Lost Icon in the White Hotel
Frances Bartkowski, Catherine Stearns

July 1990, 1:1

Holy Harlots: Prostitute Saints in Medieval Legend
Ruth Mazo Karras
Mollies or Men of Mode? Sodomy and the Eighteenth-Century London Stage
Laurence Senelick
Sexual Politics and Public Order in Late Eighteenth-Century France: The Mémoires Secrets and the Correspondance Secrète
Jeffrey Merrick
Representing the "Unspeakable": William Godwin and the Politics of Homophobia
Robert J. Corber
"Othered" Matters: Reconceptualizing Dominance and Difference in the History of Sexuality in America
Ann Ducille

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1 Gilbert Herdt, Guardians of the Flutes: Idioms of Masculinity (New York: McGraw Hill, 1981), 17.
. . .
3 Herdt, Guardians of the Flutes, 21-25.

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4 Ibid.
5 Ibid., 97-102.

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5 Winston Churchill, The World Crisis, 1911-1918, 6 vols. (London: Thornton Butterworth, 1923-31), 3:127-35.
6 Ibid., 1:87-96.

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7 Pat Moloney, “Savages in the Scottish Enlightenment’s History of Desire,” Journal of the History of Sexuality 14, no. 3 (1992): 237-65, 244.

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9 Pieter Judson, “The Gendered Politics of German Nationalism in Austria, 1880-1990,” in Austrian Women in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries: Cross-Disciplinary Perspectives, ed. David Good, Margarete Grandner, and Mary Jo Maynes (Providence, RI: Berghan Books, 1996), 5.
. . .
11 Judson, “Gendered Politics.”
12 Marie-Luise Angerer, “The Discourse on Female Sexuality in Nineteenth-Century Austria,” in Good, Grandner, and Maynes, Austrian Women, 180.

References in notes to archival sources should provide all information necessary to locate the item, separated by commas (item, date, folder number, box number [or the equivalent], collection title, archive or library, city, US state or country). Subsequent references to archival sources can use an abbreviation to refer to the collection or location, noted in the first reference:

11 Gray to the clerk of council, 15 February 1876, CO 267/331, Public Record Office, London, UK (cited hereafter as PRO).
12 Lovell to Governor Rowe, 19 February 1876, CO 267/332, PRO.

References to newspapers begin with the author of the article. References to unsigned articles begin with the article title:

13 Edgar Grey, “The New Negro Slavery in Harlem,” Amsterdam News, 13 May 1925, 16; “Police Intelligence,” Sierra Leone Weekly News, 6 September 1884, 2.
14 “Police Intelligence,” 2.

References to all works (that is, titles of books, articles, and journals) in languages other than English should capitalize the first word of the title and subtitle, but otherwise use the capitalization rules for that language; title and subtitle should be separated by a colon, as in English citations, regardless of the conventions of that language:

15 Gonzalo Vial Correa, “Aplicación en Chile de la Pragmática sobre matrimonios de los hijos de familia,” Revista chilena de historia del derecho 6 (1970): 339-40.
16 Jörg Hutter, Die gesellschaftliche Kontrolle des homosexuellen Begehrens: Medizinische Definitionen und juristische Sanktionen im 19. Jahrhundert (Frankfurt: Campus, 1992), 41.

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