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JLAG (formerly titled the Yearbook) is a publication of the Conference of Latin Americanist Geographers. JLAG publishes a collection of articles representing the wide-ranging interests of geographers who research and write on Latin American topics.

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2015 JLAG, 14:1

Introduction to Special Issue on 'Amenity Migration'
Matthew Hayes
Class, Race, Privilege: Structuring the Lifestyle Migrant Experience in Boquete, Panama
Michaela Caroline Benson
Health Care Imaginaries and Retirement Migration to Cuenca, Ecuador
Ann Miles
En búsqueda de lo rural: Migración de amenidad en los Valles Calchaquíes, Argentina
Gerhard Rainer and Matilde Malizia
Into the Universe of the Hacienda: Lifestyle, Migration, Individualism and Social Dislocation in Vilcabamba, Ecuador
Matthew Hayes
Lifestyle Transmigration: Understanding a Hypermobile Minority in Mérida, Mexico
Eve Bantman-Masum
Cultural Imaginaries in the Residential Migration to Cotacachi
María Amelia Viteri
Transnationality and Social Integration within Lifestyle Migration. A comparative study of two cases in Mexico and Spain
Omar Lizarraga, Alejandro Mantecón, and Raquel Huete
The Future of Lifestyle Migration: Challenges and Opportunities
Sheila Croucher

2014 JLAG, 13:3

Waiting for the Wave: Assessing the Vulnerability of Tourism in San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua, to Tsunamis
Matthew L. Fahrenbruch and David M. Cochran, Jr.
¿Del mar quién dueño? Artisanal Fisheries, Tourism Development and the Struggles over Access to Marine Resources in Gigante, Nicaragua
Nikolai A. Alvarado and Matthew J. Taylor
Collaborating with a Muddy Road and an Ailing Forest: The Construction of Ecological Citizenship in San Francisco Libre, Nicaragua
Lauren Sinreich and Julie Cupples
Spatial Segregation in a Tourist City: The Case of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico
Enrique Pérez Campuzano, Carlos Alberto Tello, and John C. Everitt
The End of Migration from Atotonilco El Bajo to Milwaukee: Breakdown of a Transnational Labor Market
Jonathan Mann Burkham
'Everybody Wants to Avoid Mexico': NGOs and Border Geographies
Margath A. Walker
Impacts of the Cattle Industry and Road Development in the Rupununi, Guyana
Katherine MacDonald
Ecuador's National Interpretation of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO): Green-Grabbing through Green Certification?
Adrienne Johnson
Global Integration and Local Connectivity: Trans-boundary Highway Paving and Rural-Urban Ties in the Southwestern Amazon
Stephen G. Perz, Yibin Xia, and Alexander Shenkin

2014 JLAG, 13:2

Distribución Espacial de la Biodiversidad en el Estado de San Luis Potosí, México
Xochizeltzin Castañeda Camacho, Oscar Reyes Pérez, Javier Fortanelli Martínez, and Miguel Aguilar Robledo
Desnutrición y Muerte en la Niñez argentina en los Albores del Siglo XXI: Un Análisis Espacial
Fernando Longhi
Soundtrack of a Nation: Race, Place, and Music in Modern Brazil
John C. Finn
Dignifying a Bare Life and Making Place through Exhumation: Cobán CREOMPAZ Former Military Garrison, Guatemala
Erica Henderson, Catherine Nolin, and Fredy Peccerelli
Fostering Ethno-Territorial Autonomy: A Columbian Case Study of Community-based Conservation of Mangroves
Carolina García, Héctor Tavera-Escobar, Carlos Vieira, Carolina Rincón, and Elmer Rentería
Making the Municipio: Political Geographies in Colonial Guatemala
Kathryn E. Sampeck
The puquina Language in the Early Colonial Southern Andes (1548–1610): A Geographical Analysis
Nicanor Domínguez Faura
Estimating Amazonian Indian Numbers in 1492
William M. Denevan

2014 JLAG, 13:1

Raising the Flag over Rio de Janeiro's Favelas: Citizenship and Social Control in the Olympic City
James Freeman
Los countries en el country. Migración de amenidad, vino de altura y urbanizaciones cerradas en Cafayate (Salta, Argentina)
Gerhard Rainer and Matilde Malizia
Alternatives to Rural Development: Organic Agriculture and Indigenous Communities in Chiapas, Mexico
Neusa Hidalgo-Monroy Wohlgemuth
Dinâmicas do sistema de gestão na Reserva Extrativista de Carnavieras, Bahia, Brasil: análise da robustez institucional
Raquel de Carvalho Dumith
Formal/Informal/Ilegal: Los Tres Circuitos de la Economía Espaciel en América Latina
Alfonso Valenzuela-Aguilera and Rafael Monroy-Ortiz
The Geopolitics of Land: Population, Security and Territory Viewed from the International Financing of the Land Survey in Bolivia (1996–2013)
Louca Lerch
Geographies of E-Government in Latin America and the Caribbean
Barney Warf
Landscapes of Resistance: Community Opposition to Canadian Mining Operations in Guatemala
Alexandra Pedersen


La Geografía Latinoamericana y la Unión Geográfica Internacional (UGI): los casos de Brasil (1956) y México (1966)
Héctor Mendoza Vargas y Paulo Roberto de Albuquerque Bomfim

2013 JLAG, 12:3

Áreas Prioritarias de Geo-conservación de la biodiversidad en la Península de Baja California, México
Rigel Alfonso Zaragoza Alvarez, Edward M. Peters Recagno, Manuel Bollo Manent, José Ramón Hernández Santana
Income Change and Circular Migration: The Curious Case of of Mobile Puerto Ricans, 1995–2010
Samuel M. Otterstrom and Benjamin F. Tillman
Dry Season Runoff and Natural Water Storage Capacity in the High Andean Catchment of the River Ronquillo in the Northern Sierra of Peru
Joachim Krois, Sven Abendroth, Achim Schulte, and Michael Schneider
When the State Becomes the Land Grabber: Violence and Dispossession in the Name of 'Development' in Brazil
Marcos A. Pedlowski
Colonial y animado: percepcíon del Centro Histórico de Morelia entre los residentes de la ciudad
Ilia Alvarado Sizzo
Natural Hazards, Diverse Economy and Livelihoods in the Sierra de las Minas, Guatemala
Lindsey Sutton and Carla Restrepo
Technological Dependency and the Internet: Latin America Access from Buenos Aires, 2001–2013
Gustavo D. Buzai
Environmental Outcomes of Lifestyle Migration: Land Cover Change and Land Use Transitions in the Bocas del Toro Archipelago in Panama
Ana K. Spalding


Geomorphology in Mexico: Trends and Themes, 1986–2012
José Luis Palacio-Prieto and Gerardo Bocco

2013 JLAG, 12:2

From Travel to Tourism: Harry Franck's Writing on Mexico (1916–1940)
Steven L. Driever
Ecuadorian State-Capacity Building through Territorial Strategic Asset Management
Thomas Narins
Áreas de Antencíon Prioritaria en México: una óptica medioambiental
Manuel Bollo Manent, José R. Hernández Santana, and Ana P. Méndez Linares
The History and Disappearance of Glaciers in Venezuala
Carsten Braun and Maximiliano Bezada
The Drowned Prostitute: National Development, Public Morality, and the Shifting Geography of Sexual Commerce in Alto Paraná, Paraguay, 1974–1982
John Howard White
"Nosotras también hacíamos descenso": Rescatando la participación de las mujeres en el descenso de río con fines turísticos y deportivos en Jalcomulco (Veracruz, México)
Isis Arlene Díaz Carrión
La construcción social del espacio y los componentes de la satisfacción en el programa urbano "Bando Dos" en la Ciudad de México
María del Pilar Fuerte Celis and Sazcha Marcelo Olivera Villarroel
Sustainable Development in Costa Rica: A Geographic Critique
Mauricio Herrera-Rodríguez
Llamas and Alpacas as "Sheep" in the Colonial Andes: Zoogeography Meets Eurocentrism
Daniel W. Gade


World Trade and Biological Exchanges Before 1492 by John L. Sorenson, Carl L. Johannessen (review)
Dorian Q. Fuller
Answer to Dorian Q. Fuller
Carl L. Johannessen

2013 JLAG, 12:1

Special Issue on Latin American Commons: An Introduction
James P. Robson and Gabriela Lichtenstein
Current Trends in Latin American Commons Research
James P. Robson and Gabriela Lichtenstein
When the State Supplies the Commons: Origins, Changes, and Design of Mexico's Common Property Regime
David Barton Bray
The Impact of Trans-National Migration on Commons Management among Mexican Indigenous Communities
Daniel Klooster
The Dynamic Forest Commons of Central America: New Directions for Research
Iliana Monterroso and Anne M. Larson
The Emergence of Collective-Action with Adaptive Capacity for Biodiversity Conservation in Protected Areas in Costa Rica
Xavier Basurto and Ignacio Jiménez-Pérez
Research and Scholarship on National Commons in Brazil
Christian Simão Seixas, Luciana Gomes de Araujo, and Fernando Binotti Piccolo
Indigenous Lands, Commons, Juridical Pluralism and Sustainability in Brazil: Lessons from the Indigenous Lands of Raposa Serra del Sol
Vincenzo M. Lauriola
Guanaco Management in Argentina: Taking a Commons Perspective
Gabriela Lichtenstein

2012 JLAG, 11:2

Socio-environmental Conflicts in Latin America
Carlos Reboratti
Socio-environmental Conflicts in Argentina
Carlos Reboratti
Indigenous Land and Environmental Conflicts in Panama: Neoliberal Multiculturalism, Changing Legislation, and Human Rights
Julie Velásquez Runk
Consultation, Compensation and Conflict: Natural Gas Extraction in Weenbayek Territory, Bolivia
Denise Humphreys Bebbington
Contested Groves: Forest Reserves and Land Conflict in the Eastern Amazon
Stephen P. Aldrich
Consultation, Compensation and Extraction in Bolivia after the 'Left Turn': The Case of Oil Exploration in the North of La Paz Department
Lorenzo Pellegrini and Marco Octavio Ribera Arismendi
Malleable Identities: Placing the Garínagu in New Orleans
James Chaney
La gestión del agua y el desarrollo de indicadores ambientales en México y Canadá: un análisis comparativo
Argelia Tiburcio Sánchez y María Perevochtchikova
Indigenous Struggles for a Plurinational state: An Analysis of Indigenous Rights and Competences in Bolivia
Isabella M. Radhuber

2012 JLAG, 11:1

Rewriting the Late Pre-European History of Amazonia
William M. Denevan
The City Will Come to Us: Development Discourse and the New Reality in Atotonilco El Bajo, Mexico
Jonathan Mann Burkham
Participatory Action Research Applied to the Management of Natural Areas: The Case Study of Cinquera in El Salvador
Doribel Herrador Valencia, Enric Mendizábal Riera, and Martí Boada i Juncà
The Social Map of Greater Buenos Aires as Empirical Evidence of Urban Models
Gustavo D. Buzai and Mariana Marcos
Sulphur Mining on Mexico’s Popcatépetl Volcano (1820–1920): Origins, Development, and Human-Environmental Challenges
Matthew C. LaFevor
Convergence and Contrasts in the Adoption of Cattle Ranching: Comparisons of Smallholder Agriculturists and Forest Extractivists in the Amazon
Carlos Valério Aguiar Gomes, Stephen G. Perz, and Jacqueline Michelle Vadjunec
Participación de Mujeres en el Mercado Laboral del Estado de México
Rosa Silvia Arciniega
Uneven Urban Spaces: Accessing Trash in Managua, Nicaragua
Christopher D. Hartmann

2011 JLAG, 10:2

The Instrumentalization of Participatory Management in Protected Areas
Sylvain Guyot
Los estudios de paisaje y su importancia en México, 1970–2010
Pedro S. Urquijo y Gerardo Bocco
Modelización de escenarios de cambio potencial en la vegetación y el uso de suelo en la Sierra Madre Oriental de San Luis Potosí, México
Francisco Javier Sahagún-Sánchez, Humberto Reyes-Hernández, José Luis Flores Flores, y Leonardo Chapa Vargas
Dimensions of Peri-Urban Maize Production in the Toluca-Atlacomulco Valley, Mexico
Amy M. Lerner and Kirsten Appendini
Not Fair Enough: Historic and Institutional Barriers to Fair Trade Coffee in El Salvador
Beth Tellman, Leslie C. Gray, and Christopher M. Bacon
A 12,000-year Record of Vegetation and Climate Change from the Sierra de Los Cuchumatanes, Guatemala
Maria A. Caffrey, Matthew J. Taylor, and Donald G. Sullivan
Unequal Partners, Unequal Exchange: Goldcorp, the Mexican State, and Campesino Dispossession at the Peñasquito Goldmine
Claudio Garibay, Andrew Boni, Francesco Panico, Pedro Urquijo, and Dan Klooster
Cultural Maladaptation and Preadaptation in Colonial Honduras: Spaniards vs Black Caribs, 1787–1821
Taylor E. Mack
The Influence of Socioeconomic Status and Fuelwood Access on Domestic Fuelwood Use in the Brazilian Atlantic Forest
Kellie Wilcox-Moore, Christian Brannstrom, Michael G. Sorice, and Urs P. Krueter


El mapa de la Relación Geográfica de Zapotitlán (1579): una isla de racionalidad en un océano de empirismo
Manuel Morato Moreno

2011 JLAG, 10:1

Dendezeiro: African Oil Palm Agroecologies in Bahia, Brazil, and Implications for Development
Case Watkins
De Aztlán a Tenochtiltlán: cartografia actual de los lugares señalados en la Tira de la Peregrinación
Ma. Teresa Gutiérrez de Macgregor y Jorge González Sánchez
Geographic Narratives in the South American Travelogues of Harry A. Franck: 1917–1943
Steven L. Driever
Estimación de un indice de calidad ambiental para la Ciudad y Provincia de Buenos Aires
Juan Pablo Celemín and Guillermo Ángel Velázquez
The Spatial Patterns of Miskitu Hunting in Northeastern Honduras: Lessons for Wildlife Management in Tropical Forests
Marc Andre Dunn and Derek A. Smith
A New Solution to a Persistent Problem: Addressing Tropical Deforestation with Carbon Foresty Offset Projects
Andrea Sabelli
Rethinking Brazil’s Place within Latin Americanist Geography
Alan P. Marcus
Extracting a Livelihood: Institutional and Social Dimensions of Deforestations in the Chico Mendes Extractive Reserve, Acre, Brazil
Jacqueline M. Vadjunec
A Creole in Paris and a Spaniard in Paraguay: Geographies of Natural History in the Hispanic World (1750–1808)
Helen Cowie

2010 JLAG, 9:2

Pathways to Forest Transition: Local Case Studies from the Ecuadorian Andes
Kathleen A. Farley
For Members and Markets: Neoliberalism and Cooperativism in Mendoza's Wine Industry
Julie Kentnor Corby
Fronteras Vivas or Dead Ends? The Impact of Military Settlement Projects in the Amazon Borderlands
David S. Salisbury, L. Alejandra Antelo Gutierrez, Carlos L. Perez Alvan, and Jorge W. Vela Alcarado
Causas de un desastre: Inundaciones del 2007 en Tabasco, Mexico
Maria Perevochtchikova and Jose Luis Lezama de la Torre
Sucre, Bolivia, and the Quiddity of Place
Daniel W. Gade
Making Mexico More "Latin": National Identity, Statuary and Heritage in Mexico City's Monument to Independence
Seth Dixon
The French Military Confront Mexico's Geography: the Expedition of 1862–67
Jean-Yves Puyo


The Camino Real of Panama: Archaeology and Tourism Potentials
Christian Stassnig

2010 JLAG, 9:1

Mega-Events and Socio-Spatial Dynamics in Rio de Janeiro, 1919–2016
Christopher Gaffney
Cuban Medical Internationalism: Domestic and International Impacts
Sarah A. Blue
Do You Know the Way to San Jose? Medical Tourism in Costa Rica
Barney Warf
Experiment or Transition? Revisiting Food Distribution in Cuban Agromercados from the "Special Period"
Rebecca Maria Torres, Velvet Nelson, Janet Henshall Momsen, and Debbie A. Niemeier
Propuesta metodológica para la redistritación electoral en México: El caso de Michoacán
Graciela Martínez Caballero
Migration, Development and a New Rurality in the Valle Alto, Bolivia
Kaitlin Yarnall and Marie Price
Settlement Formation and Land Cover and Land Use Change: A Case Study in the Brazilian Amazon
Marcellus M. Caldas, Cynthia Simmons, Robert Walker, Stephen Perz, Stephen Aldrich, Ritaumaria Pereira, Flavia Leite, and Eugenio Arima
Real Estate Market, State-Entrepreneurialism and Urban Policy in the 'Gentrification by Ground Rent Dispossession' of Santiago de Chile
Ernesto José López-Morales

2009 JLAG, 8:2

Remnants of Terror: Landscapes of Fear in Post-Conflict Guatemala
Rebecca Clouser
Contested Terrain: The Rise and Decline of Surveying in New Spain, 1500–1800
Miguel Aguilar-Robledo
Positionality, Perception, and Possibility in Mexico's Valle del Mezquital
Richard Hunter
Carib Territory: Indigenous Access to Land in the Commonwealth of Dominica
Emma G. Mullaney
Water Insecurity among the Urban Poor in the Peri-Urban Zone of Mexico City
Adrian G. Aguilar and Flor M. Lopez
Diverse Spatialities of the Latin American and Caribbean Internet
Barney Warf
Specialty Maize Varieties in Mexico: A Case Study in Market-Driven Agro-Biodiversity Conservation
Alder Keleman and Jonathan Hellin
The Certification and Privatization of Indigenous Lands in Mexico
Derek Smith, Peter H. Herlihy, John H. Kelly, and Aida Ramos Viera


Indian Adaptations in Flooded Regions of South America
Erland Nordenskiold and William M. Denevan

2009 JLAG, 8:1

Revisiting a Honduran Landscape Described by Robert West: An Experiment in Repeat Geography
Scott Brady
The Spaces of Social Capital: Livelihood Geographies and Marine Conservation in the Cayos Cochinos Marine Protected Area, Honduras
David Lansing
Un Modelo Descipotivo de la Geografía del Robo en la Zona Metropolitana del Valle de México
Carlos Vilalta
Fragmentación socio-espacial en la Periferia de la Región Metropolitana de Buenos Aires
Sonia Vidal-Koppmann
Urban Landscape Changes in Western Santiago de Chile during the Military Regime (1973–1989)
Jill Stackhouse
Using GIS to Assess Priorities of Infrastructure and Health Needs of Colonias along the United States-Mexico Border
Jean W. Parcher and Delbert G. Humberson
Mapuche Struggles for Land and the Role of Private Protected Areas in Chile
Laura E. Meza


Jonathan D. Sauer (1918–2008): Perspectives on his Life and Work in Latin America and Beyond
Timothy S. Brothers (et al.)
Partiendo las Manzanas para identificar los Predios: Un caso Merideno
Eligia Calderón-Trejo

2008 JLAG, 7:2

Nicaraguan Migrants in Costa Rica during the 1990s: Gender Differences and Geographic Expansion
Samuel M. Otterstrom
Mexico's Concrete Block Landscape: A Modern Legacy in the Vernacular
Matthew Fry
Male Transnational Migration and its Linkages to Land-Use Change in a Southern Campeche Ejido
Claudia Radel and Birgit Schmook
Road Networks and Forest Fragmentation in the Amazon: Explanations for Local Differences with Implications for Conservation and Development
Stephen G. Perz, Marcellus Caldas, Robert Walker, Eugenio Arima, Carlos Souza
Garment Maquiladoras in Rural Yucatán: An Environmental Tale
Manuel Navarette
Latin America's Transportation Conundrum
David J. Keeling
Traditional versus New Directions: The First Meeting of the Conference of Latin Americanist Geographers, 1970
William M. Denevan


Procesos de Fragmentación y Corredores Biológicos: Una introducción
Carlos Morera, Josep Pintó, and Marilyn Romero

2008 JLAG, 7:1

Malaria, Landscape, and Society in Northwest Argentina in the Early Twentieth Century
Eric D. Carter
Posibles Controles Hidrogeológicos de Impacto Ambiental por la Extracción de Agua Subterránea en Xochimilco, México
Gabriela Angeles-Serrano, María Perevochtchikova, and J. Joel Carrillo-Rivera
Who Will Work the Land? National Integration, Cash Economies, and the Future of Shifting Cultivation in the Honduran Mosquitia
David M. Cochran, Jr.
Market Integration, Perceived Wealth and Household Consumption of River Turtles (Podocnemis spp.) in Eastern Lowland Bolivia
Kristen Conway-Gómez
Producing "Viable" Landscapes and Livelihoods in Central Veracruz, Mexico: Institutional and Producer Responses to the Coffee Commodity Crisis
Heidi Hausermann and Hallie Eakin
The Mesquite Economy in the Mexican-American Borderlands
Matthew J. Taylor
Explaining Variations in Environmental Activism on the United State-Mexico Border
Basilio Verduzco
Mise en valeur de la Guyane francaise et peuplement blanc: les espoirs decus du baron de Laussat (1819–1823)
Jean-Yves Puyo
La Expedición Hidrográfica del Atlas de la América Septentrional, 1792–1805
Luisa Martín-Merás

2007 JLAG, 6:2

Special Edition: Globalization Linking Scales of Analysis

Globalization and Latin American Geography: Linking Scales of Analysis
Joseph L. Scarpaci and James J. Biles
Persistence of the U.S.-Mexico Border: Expansion of Medical-Tourism amid Trade Liberalization
Gabriel Judkins
Globalization of Food Retailing Guadalajara, Mexico: Changes in Access Equity and Social Engagement
John Harner
Globalization of Food Retailing and Transformation of Supply Networks: Consequences for Small-scale Agricultural Producers in Southeastern Mexico
James J. Biles et al.
Mexican Smallholders Adrift: The Urgent Need for a New Social Contract in Rural Mexico
Nathalie Gravel
Economic Globalization and Bolivia's Regional Divide
Kathleen Schroeder
Beyond the Crisis: Economic globalization and informal work in urban Argentina
Risa Whitson


Resistance and Social Reform in Latin America: Speaking with Joao Pedro Stedile of Brazil's "O Movimiento dos Trabalhadores Rurais Sem Terra" (the MST)
Jeff Garmany and Flávia Bessa Maia

2007 JLAG, 6:1

Splitting the Country: The Case of the Atlantic Coast of Nicaragua
Luis Sánchez
Intellectual Relation between Historical Geography and Latinamericanist Geography
Andrew Sluyter and Kent Mathewson
Fire Ecology and Conservation in the High Tropical Andes: Observations from Northern Ecuador
Philip L. Keating
Identifying and Assessing Tropical Montane Forests on the Eastern Flank of the Andes of Ecuador
James Keese, Thomas Mastin, and David Yun
The Forests Are Bleeding: How Land Cover Change Is Creating a New Fire Regime in the Ecuadorian Amazon
Joseph P. Messina and Mark A. Cochrane
Green Neoliberal Space: The Mesoamerican Biological Corridor
Mary Finley-Brook
Spatial Processes in Scalar Context: Development and Security in the Brazilian Amazon
Cynthia Simmons, Marcellus Caldas, Stephan Aldrich, Robert Walker, and Stephen Perz
Socio-Spatial Segregation in Metropolitan Lima, Peru
Paul A. Peters and Emily H. Skop
El derecho a la ciudad y la cuestión del espacio público: experiencias en la ciudad de Bahía Blanca
Nidia Formiga

2006 JLAG, 5:2

Actor-Management of Protected Areas and Ecotourism in Mexico
Ludger Brenner and Hubert Job
Cacao, Vanilla and Annatto: Three Production and Exchange Systems in the Southern Maya Lowlands, XII–XVII centuries
Laura Caso Barrera and Marco Aliphat F.
Las bases Prehispánicas de la configuración de la Provincia de Popayán en el período colonial
Marta Herrera Angel
Cash Crops, Smallholder Decision-Making and Institutional Interactions in a Closing Frontier: Calakmul, Campeche, Mexico
Eric Keys and Rinku Roy Chowhdury
Invasive Species and Land-Use: The Effect of Land Management Practices on Bracken Fern Invasion in the Region of Calakmul, Mexico
Laura C. Schneider
Technological Innovation and the Expansion of Mexico City, 1870–1920
Gustavo G. Garza Merodio


Problem of Access to Land for Bolivian Horticultural Producers in the Transitional Zone of Western Greater Buenos Aires
Andrés Barsky

2006 JLAG, 5:1

The Metabolization of Dune and Wetlands by the City of Veracruz
Alfred H. Siemens, Patricia Moreno-Casasola, and Clorinda Sarabia Bueno
Paraguay 1975: Thinking Back on the Fieldwork Moment
Daniel W. Gade
Artesania, Mobility and the Crafting of Indigenous Identities among Purhepechan Women in Mexico
Lise Nelson
Sacred Sustenance: Maize, Storytelling and a Maya Sense of Place
Leah A. Huff
Poblacion, tenencia de tierra, uso del suelo, y deforestacion en el Parque Nacional Sierra de Lacandon
David L. Carr and Alisson F. Barbieri
Mobilizing Indigenous Video: the Mexican Case
Laurel C. Smith

2005 JLAG, 4:2

Women's Community-Based Organizations, Conservation Projects, and Effective Land Control in Southern Mexico
Claudia Radel
The Historic Center of Morelia: A Case of Successful Negotiation
Luis Felipe Cabrales Barrajas
Conflicts for Control of Mapuche-Pehuenche Land and Natural Resources in the Biobio Highlands, Chile
Gerardo Azocar, Rodrigo Sanhueza, Mauricio Aguayo, Hugo Romero, and Maria D. Munoz
Critiques du Regionalisme Ouvert a partir de l'economie geographique appliquee au Mercosur
Alexis Saludijan


Atlas ilustrado de pueblos de indios de la Nueva Espana, 1800
Dorothy Tanck de Estrada, Jose Antonio Alvarez Lobato, and Jorge Luis Miranda

2005 JLAG, 4:1

Special Issue: Ethnoecology

Introduction: Ethnoecology
Antoinette M. G. A. WinklerPrins and Narciso Barrera-Bassols
Ethnoecology of the Yucatec Maya: Symbolism, Knowledge and Management of Natural Resources
Narciso Barrera-Bassols and Victor M. Toledo
Cultivated Food Plants: Culture and Gendered Spaces of Colonists and the Chachi in Ecuador
Maria Fadiman
The Politics of Ecology: Local Knowledge and Wild Chili Collection in Sonora, Mexico
Eric Perramond
Folk Classification and Capability Assessment of Soils in Two Highland Guatemalan Municipios
Steven J. Rainey
Surviving the City: Urban Home Gardens and the Economy of Affection in the Brazilian Amazon
Antoinette M. G. A. WinklerPrins and Perpetuo S. de Souza


Mahogany (Swietenia macrophylla) in the Maya Lowlands: Implications for Past Land Use and Environmental Change?
Michael K. Steinberg

2004 JLAG, 3

Latin American Development and the Globalization Imperative: New Directions, Familiar Crises
David J. Keeling
A Planned City Comes of Age: Rethinking Ciudad Guayana Today
Clara Irazabal
Demographic Changes in the Purepecha Region of Michoacan, Mexico: 1970–2000
Paul Marr and Christopher Sutton
Incidental Agroforestry in Honduras: The Jicaro Tree (Crescentia spp.) and Pasture Land Use
Joby Bass
Wildfires in Amazonia: A Pilot Study Examining the Role of Farming Systems, Social Capital, and Fire Contagion
Cynthia S. Simmons, Robert T. Walker, Charles H. Wood, Eugenio Arima, and Mark Cochrane


Expansion of Mechanized Agriculture and Land-Cover Change in Southern Rondonia, Brazil
J. Christopher Brown, Wendy Jepson, and Kevin P. Price
Report on Recent Research Themes in Latin American Development Geography
Thomas Klak
Pollen Evidence of the Earliest Maize Agriculture in Costa Rica
Martin R. Arford and Sally P. Horn

2003 JLAG, 2

Concessions, Conflict, and the Rebirth of the Honduran Mahogany Trade
Craig S. Revels
Corn Culture and Dangerous DNA: Real and Imagined Consequences of Maize Transgene Flow in Oaxaca
Kathleen McAfee
The Territorial Turn: Making Black Territories in Pacific Colombia
Karl H. Offen
The Interrupted Circle: Truncated Transnationalism and the Salvadoran Experience
Ines Miyares, Richard Wright, Alison Mountz, Adrian J. Bailey, and Jennifer Jonak
Formation of the Miraflores Hacienda: Lands, Indians, and Livestock in Eastern New Spain at the End of the Sixteenth Century
Miguel Aguilard-Robledo

2002 JLAG, 1

Livelihoods, Mining and Peasant Protests in the Peruvian Andes
Jeffrey Bury and Adam Kolff
Naturaleza y Sociedad Desde la Perspectiva de la Cocina Tradicional Mexicana: Genero, Adaptacion y Resistencia
Maria Elisa Christie
Names for Manihot esculenta: Geographical Variation and Lexical Clarification
Daniel W. Gade
Floodplain Styles of the Lower Panuco Basin, Mexico
Paul F. Hudson
Life-Time and Recent Migration to Bolivar State, Venezuela, 1990: The Effect of the Guayana Program on Migration
Evelyn D. Ravuri

2001 Yearbook

Published as Latin America into the Twenty-first Century.

2000 Yearbook

Introduction: Latin Americanist Research in the New Millennium
David J. Keeling
Demise at the Edge of Empire: Native Depopulation in Dominica, 1493–1647
Wayne Burke and W. George Lovell
Coffee in Nicaragua: Introduction and Expansion in the Nineteenth Century
Craig S. Revels
The Mexican Community in Scottsdale, Arizona
John Harner
Beyond Deforestation: The Social Context of Forest Change in Two Indigenous Communities in Highland Mexico
Dan Klooster
Discharge, Sediment, and Channel Characteristics of the Río Panuco, Mexico
Paul F. Hudson
Why International Migration has Important Consequences for the Development of Belize
Elizabeth C. Babcock and Dennis Conway
Chile's Wine Industry: Historical Character and Changing Geography
William K. Crowley
The Effects of Timber Haulage Improvements on Mahogany Extraction in Belize: An Historical Geography
Michael Camille
Beyond Imperial Domination and Resistance: Extrapolating the Late Colonial Amazonian Cultural Landscape from the Visual Record
Roberta Marx Delson

From The Field

A Preliminary Analysis of Soil Erosion and Buffelgrass in Sonora, Mexico
Eric P. Perramond
Hace Cincuenta Años: Repeat Photography and Landscape Change in the Sierra Purépecha of Michoacán, Mexico
Martha A. Works and Keith S. Hadley

Book Review

CLAG Honors

CLAG Retrospectives

1999 Yearbook

César N. Caviedes
The Anthropogenic Origin and Persistence of Amazonian Dark Earths
William I. Woods and Joseph M. McCann
Neoliberal Reform and Landscape Change in Buenos Aires
David J. Keeling
Boom Town in Transition: Development Process and Urban Structure of Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego, Argentina
Veronika Braumann and Christoph Stadel
The Puerto Rican Residential Landscape of Lorain, Ohio
Robert B. Kent and Augusto F. Gandia-Ojeda
Weather Types, Local Winds and Air Pollution Problems in Mendoza, Argentina
Wilfried Endlicher, Barbara Zahnen, and Eckart Schultz
Dominica, Grenada and the NTAE Imperative
James Wiley
Kakchikel Gardens: Women, Children, and Agricultural Education among the Maya of Highland Guatemala
Eric Keys

CLAG Honors

1998 Yearbook

David J. Keeling and James Wiley
Indigenous Irrigation Organizations and the Formation of Social Capital in Northern Highland Ecuador
Thomas A. Perreault, Anthony J. Bebbington, and Thomas F. Carroll
Dependency and Development in the Copper Mining Region of Sonora, Mexico
John Harner
Recreating Borders? The Geography of Latin Americans in New York City
Ines M. Miyares and Kenneth J. Gowen
Contraband Trade Through Trujillo, Honduras, 1720–1782
Taylor E. Mack
An Historical Geography of Chicle and Tunu Gum Production in Northeastern Nicaragua
Karl Offen
Rainfall Distribution and Regime in Costa Rica and its Response to the El Nino-Southern Oscillation
Peter Waylen, Cesar Caviedes, German Poveda, Marvin Quesada, and Oscar Mesa
Strategies for Authenticity, Space, and Place in the Maya Biosphere Reserve, Peten, Guatemala
Juanita Sundberg
The Changing Face of Cuban Socialism: Tourism and Planning in the Post-Soviet Era
Joseph L. Scarpaci
Waste and Resource: Household Management of Solid Waste on the North Coast of Honduras
Jennifer Goett
A Triple Crown for Padre Neuman? The First Reported Earthquake, Comet, and Eclipse in Chihuahua
R. B. Brown and Rolf Sinclair
Film Review
James Wiley

CLAG Honors

1997 Yearbook

David J. Robinson and Catherine E. Doenges
The Roadside Inn or Venta: Origins and Early Development in New Spain
Elizabeth K. Butzer
The Dissolution of Indian Community Lands in the Venezuelan Andes: The Case of La Mesa
Edda Samudio A.
Landscape Change and Livestock in Sixteenth-Century New Spain: The Archival Data Base
Andrew Sluyter
Brazilian Country-Level Juridical Documents as Sources for Historical Geography: A Case Study from Western São Paulo State
Christian Brannstrom
Occupation and Urbanization of Roraima State, Brazil
Alexandre Diniz
From Labor Circulation to International Migration: The Case of South-Central Ecuador
Brad D. Jokisch
Mapping Vegetation and Anthropogenic Disturbances in Southern Ecuador with Remote Sensing Techniques: Implications for Park Management
Philip L. Keating
Rural Industrialization as Development Strategy: Cooperation and Conflict in Co-op, Commune and Household in Oaxaca, Mexico
Tad Mutersbaugh
Migration and the Development of an Industrial District: Footwear Manufacturing in El Porvenir, Trujillo-Peru
Waltrud Rosner
Development vs. Empowerment: The Gendered Legacy of Economic Restructuring in Latin America
Maureen Hays-Mitchell
Social and Spatial Characteristics of Voter Turnout in Guatemala: The 1985 Elections
David L. Wall and Fabrice Edouard Lehoucq

1996 Yearbook

Steven L. Driever and Daniel Hopkins
The Agroexport Model and Nontraditional Exports in Central America: Déjà Vu or Something New?
John Brohman
Factores de Localización de la Industria Maquiladora: El Caso de Yucatán, México
Ana García de Fuentes y Susana Pérez Medina
The European Union's Single Market and Latin America's Banana Exporting Countries
James Wiley
Beneath the Roots of the Chukum Tree: A Preliminary Soil Analysis of the Chunchucmil Region
Pat Farrell, Timothy Beach, and Bruce Dahlin
Income Formation among Amazonian Peasant Households in Northeastern Peru: Empirical Observations and Implications for Market-oriented Conservation
Oliver T. Coomes
Marriage Mobility in Late Colonial Celaya, Mexico
Catherine E. Doenges
Historical Geography of the Belizean Logwood Trade
Michael A. Camille
Folk House-types as Indicators of Tradition: The Case of the Mopan Maya in Southern Belize
Michael K. Steinberg
Territorial Loss and National Image: The Case of Ecuador
Gary S. Elbow

CLAG Honors

The Conference of Latin Americanist Geographers: A Quarter-Century
Tom L. Martinson


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Universität Zürich
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