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Information & Culture, formerly Libraries & the Cultural Record, publishes high-quality historical studies of topics that fall under information studies as it is practiced by the interdisciplinary information schools. New topics include the intellectual history of the concept of information, the historical development of information as an aspect of societies, the history of information work and information workers across society, and the history of information seeking behavior in everyday life both within and beyond traditional information institutions such as libraries and museums.  More information is available at


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Volume 51, Number 4, 2016

The History, Geography, and Economics of America’s Early Computer Clusters, Part 2: Explanations
Florencia Garcia-Vicente, Daniel D. Garcia-Swartz, and Martin Campbell-Kelly
Technological Innovation, Commercialization, and Regional Development: Computer Graphics in Utah, 1965–1978
James R. Lehning
Blurred Lines: National Security and the Civil-Military Struggle for Control of Telecommunications Policy during World War II
Jonathan Reed Winkler
The Trial of Francisco Bilbao and Its Role in the Foundation of Latin American Journalism
Pablo Calvi
The Book and the Rocket: The Symbiotic Relationship between American Public Libraries and the Space Program, 1950–2015
Brett Spencer
Out of Control: Telephone Networks, Visual Documents, and Management of Business Conversations at Renault, 1911–1939
Alain P. Michel

Volume 51, Number 3, 2016

The History, Geography, and Economics of America’s Early Computer Clusters, Part 1: Patterns
Florencia Garcia-Vicente, Daniel D. Garcia-Swartz, and Martin Campbell-Kelly
The Multiple Meaning of a Flowchart
Nathan Ensmenger
How to Respond to Data Science: Early Data Criticism from Lionel Trilling
Brian Beaton
The Reign of Children: The Role of Games and Toys in American Public Libraries, 1876–1925
Jennifer Burek Pierce
Historical Research in Marketing: Literature, Knowledge, and Disciplinary Status
Terrence H. Witkowski and D. G. Brian Jones
Ed Fredkin and the Physics of Information: An Inside Story of an Outsider Scientist
Amit Hagar

Volume 51, Number 2, 2016

A Framework for Understanding Information Ecosystems in Firms and Industries
James W. Cortada
A Cowman’s-Eye View of the Information Ecology of the Texas Cattle Industry from the Civil War to World War I
David B. Gracy II
The Value Proposition of the Corporate Library, Past and Present
Alistair Black and Henry Gabb
Generations of Business Information, 1937–2012: Moving from Data Bits to Intelligence
Andrew Gross and Emeric Solymossy
Technology in Architectural Practice: Transforming Work with Information, 1960s–1990s
Katie Pierce Meyer
The Literature of American Library History, 2012–2013
Edward A. Goedeken

Volume 51, Number 1, 2016

Exhibiting Information: Developing the Information Age Gallery at the Science Museum
Tilly Blyth
Making Computers Boring: Some Thoughts on Historical Exhibition of Computing Technology from the Mass-Market Era
James Sumner
Self-Fulfilling History: How Narrative Shapes Preservation of the Online World
Marc Weber
Brains, Tortoises, and Octopuses: Postwar Interpretations of Mechanical Intelligence on the BBC
Allan Jones
Putting the Spooks Back In? The UK Secret State and the History of Computing
Jon Agar
Computing and the Big Picture: A Keynote Conversation
Jennifer S. Light

Volume 50, Number 4, 2015

Sound Information: Sonification in the Age of Complex Data and Digital Audio
Alexandra Super
The Politics of Sequence: Data Sharing and the Open Source Software Movement
Hallam Stevens
Atlanta between the Wars: The Creation of the Georgia Department of Archives and History, 1918-1936
Ciaran B. Trace
"To Support the Southern Medical Public": The Medical College of Georgia as a Southern Information Agency, 1828-1861
J. Brenton Stewart
Playing Checkers with Machines—from Ajeeb to Chinook
Peggy Aldrich Kidwell
Misunderstanding the Mongols: Intercultural Communication in Three Thirteenth-Century Franciscan Travel Accounts
Kathryn A. Montalbano

Volume 50, Number 3, 2015

History with an Impact: The Most-Cited Articles in the Journal of Library History and Its Successors over the Past Fifty Years
Edward A. Goedeken
What Happens When You Push This? Toward a History of the Not-So-Easy Button
Rachel Plotnick
Information in the Novel and the Novel as Information System: Charles Dickens’s Little Dorrit and Margaret Drabble’s Radiant Way Trilogy
Carol Colatrella
The Djogdja Documenten: The Dutch-Indonesian Relationship Following Independence through an Archival Lens
Michael Karabinos
Paper, Information, and Identity in 1920s America
Craig Robertson
Perspectives on Information History: A Perspective on the Larger World: Newspaper Coverage of National and International Events in Three Small US Cities, 1870–1920
Melissa G. Ocepek, Unmil Karadkar, and William Aspray

Volume 50, Number 2, 2015

Histories of the Internet: Introducing a Special Issue of Information & Culture
Thomas Haigh, Andrew L. Russell, and William H. Dutton
“Singing the Strong Light Works of [American] Engineers”: Popular Histories of the Internet as Mythopoetic Literature
Merav Katz-Kimchi
From Virtual to Social: Transforming Concepts and Images of the Internet
Christian Oggolder
From the Mainframe to the Masses: A Participatory Computing Movement in Minnesota Education
Joy Rankin
Part of a Whole: RENATER, a Twenty-Year-Old Network within the Internet
Valérie Schafer
“If You Build It, They Will Come”: Lusk, Wyoming, and the Information Highway Imaginaire, 1989–1999
Nadine I. Kozak
Professional Work for Nothing: Software Commercialization and “An Open Letter to Hobbyists”
Kevin Driscoll

Volume 50, Number 1, 2015

The Many Histories of Information
William Aspray
Broker of Information, the “Nation’s Most Important Commodity”: The Library of Congress in the Neoliberal Era
Melissa A. Adler
A Case Study of Collaboration in the Building of China’s Library and Information Infrastructure
Zhixian Yi and Kim M. Thompson
Human Computing Practices and Patronage: Antiaircraft Ballistics and Tidal Calculations in First World War Britain
Anna Carlsson-Hyslop
Genetic Information in the Age of DNA Sequencing
Miguel García-Sancho

Volume 49, Number 4, 2014

The Ear and the Shunting Yard: Meaning Making as Resonance in Early Information Theory
Tanya Clement
Boots Book-lovers' Library and the Novel: The Impact of a Circulating Library Market on Twentieth-Century Fiction
Nicola Wilson
A Room of Her Own: The Woman's Library, a Footnote to New York City Library History
Sandra Roff
Recordkeeping in Book Form: The Legacy of American Colonial Recordkeeping
Jane Zhang
On Cars and Food: Reflection on Sources for the Historical Study of Everyday Information Behavior
William Aspray, Melissa G. Ocepek, and George Royer

Volume 49, Number 3, 2014

Information in Everyday Life: Boys’ and Girls’ Agricultural Clubs as Sponsors of Literacy, 1900–1920
Ciaran B. Trace
The Generic Evolution of Calendars and Guides at the Public Record Office of Great Britain, ca. 1838–1968
Heather MacNeil and Jennifer Douglas
Lester J. Cappon, an Unwritten Textbook, and Early Archival Education in the United States
Richard J. Cox
From Atomic Shelters to Arms Control: Libraries, Civil Defense, and American Militarism during the Cold War
Brett Spencer
The Hophrasamut Wachirayan: Library and Club of the Siamese Aristocracy, 1881–1905
Chirabodee Tejasen and Brendan Luyt

Volume 49, Number 2, 2014

The Development of Public Libraries in the United States, 1870–1930: A Quantitative Assessment
Michael Kevane and William A. Sundstrom
Rise of the Shadow Libraries: America’s Quest to Save Its Information and Culture from Nuclear Destruction during the Cold War
Brett Spencer
“Cameroon Is Just Like Bolivia!”: Southern Expertise and the Construction of Equivalency in South–South Scientific Collaborations
Kate M. Centellas
In Search of the Grail: The Conceptual Origins of the “Encyclopedia Africana”
Michael Benjamin
Working-Class Women’s Education in Huddersfield: A Case Study of the Female Educational Institute Library, 1856–1857
Teresa Gerrard and Alexis Weedon

Volume 49, Number 1, 2014

From Archival Management to Archival Enterprise to the Information Domain: David Gracy and the Development of Archival Education at the University of Texas
Patricia Galloway
Archives and Society: David B. Gracy II and the Value of Archives
Randall C. Jimerson
Professional, Institutional, and National Identities in Dialog: The Development of Descriptive Practices in the First Decade of the US National Archives
Anne Gilliland
Archives, Libraries, Museums: Coming Back Together?
Deanna Marcum
Preservation of Texas’s Public Records, a Vital Work in Progress
Martha Doty Freeman
Abbreviated Curriculum Vitae of David B. Gracy II

Volume 48, Number 4, 2013

The London Library and the Circulation of French Fiction in the 1840s
Juliette Atkinson
Negotiated Order: The Fourth Amendment, Telephone Surveillance, and Social Interactions, 1878–1968
Colin Agur
Efficient, Secure Green: Digital Utopianism and the Challenge of Making the Electrical Grid “Smart”
Rebecca Slayton
Computer Technology in Brazil: From Protectionism and National Sovereignty to Globalization and Market Competitiveness
Henrique Luiz Cukierman
The Literature of American Library History, 2010–2011
Edward A. Goedeken

Volume 48, Number 3, 2013

Expert Records: Nautical Logbooks from Columbus to Cook
Magaret Schotte
The Widow’s Mite: Hannah Mather Crocker and the Mather Libraries
Alea Henle
Scientific Communication Before and After Networked Science
John Carey
The Evolution and Integration of Moving Image Preservation Work into Cultural Heritage Institutions
Karen F. Gracy

Volume 48, Number 2, 2013

"The King's Library of Manuscripts": The State Paper Office as Archive and Library
Michael Riordan
Information Infrastructure and Descriptions of the 1857 Fort Tejon Earthquake
Megan Finn
The Information Ecosystems of National Diplomacy: The Case of Spain, 1815-1936
James W. Cortada
Of Dustbowl Ballads and Railroad Rate Tables: Erudite Enactments in Historical Inquiry
Hamid R. Ekbia and Venkata Ratnadeep Suri

Volume 48, Number 1, 2013

The Origins of a State Library: New Jersey, 1704–1824
John T. Shaw
A State Library Transformed: Pennsylvania, 1878–1921
Bernadette A. Lear
Letters to Lucy Johnston: Addressing the Need for Literature on the Kansas Prairies
Diana Weaver
Depoliticizing the California State Library: The Political and Professional Transformation of James Gillis, 1899-1917
Debra Gold Hansen
"My Duty and My Pleasure": Alice S. Tyler's Reluctant Oversight of Carnegie Library Philanthropy in Iowa
Shana L. Stuart
"Interested in Public Libraries": J. O. Modisette and the Contributions of a Louisiana Library Commissioner
Florence M. Jumonville
Struggles Within: Lura G. Currier, the Mississippi Library Commission, and Library Services to African Americans
Karen Cook
Carma Zimmerman Leigh and the Diffusion of Cooperation through California Libraries, 1951–1972
Cindy Mediavilla

Volume 47, Number 4, 2012

Seducing the Innocent: Fredric Wertham and the Falsifications That Helped Condemn Comics
Carol L. Tilley
Computer Science in French Universities: Early Entrants and Latecomers
Pierre Mounier-Kuhn
The Performance of Information Flows in the Art of Stephen Willats
Sharon Irish
Organizational Learning and Home-Grown Writing: The Library Staff Magazine in Britain in the First Half of the Twentieth Century
Alistair Black

Volume 47, Number 3, 2012

Modularity: An Interdisciplinary History of an Ordering Concept
Andrew L. Russell
The World as Database: On the Relation of Software Development, Query Methods, and Interpretative Independence
David Gugerli
Structuring Information Work: Ferranti and Martins Bank, 1952–1968
Ian Martin
The Contribution of Ægidius Fauteux and Edmond Desrochers to Quebec Librarianship in the Twentieth Century
Marcel Lajeunesse
From History to Library and Information Science: A Case Study of Archival Education at Wayne State University
Joseph M. Turrini

Volume 47, Number 2, 2012

Shaping Information History as an Intellectual Discipline
James W. Cortada
Normalizing Soviet Cybernetics
Benjamin Peters
Supermarket Savvy: The Everyday Information-Seeking Behavior of Grocery Shoppers
Sara L. Wimberley and Jessica L. McClean
The Politics of Ethnic Heritage Preservation in Canada: The Case of the Multicultural History Society of Ontario
Dominique Daniel
Why Encyclopedias Got Bigger . . . and Smaller
Jeff Loveland

Volume 47, Number 1, 2012

Editor’s Note: Changes to the Journal
William Aspray
Rabelais and the Abbey of Saint-Victor Revisited
Brett Bodemer
Collaboration in Art and in Science: Approaches to Attribution, Authorship, and Acknowledgment
Blaise Cronin
Playpens for Mind Children: Continuities in the Practice of Programming
Patricia Galloway
The Origin of College Libraries in North Carolina: A Social History, 1890–1920
Patrick Valentine

Essays & Notes

The Lambeth Palace Library: England’s First Public Library
Norman D. Stevens

Volume 46, Number 4, 2011

Rising from the Ashes: The Impact of Proposition 13 on Public Libraries in California
Cody White
The “Librarian’s Dream-Prince”: Carl Van Vechten and America’s Modernist Cultural Archives Industry
Kirsten MacLeod
Books and Reading in the Connecticut Western Reserve: The Small-Settlement Social Library, 1800–1860
Stuart A. Stiffler

Essays & Notes

The Literature of American Library History, 2008–2009
Edward A. Goedeken
Cultural Record Keepers: Serendipity in Adelphi University Libraries’ Special Collections: The “Emilie” Bookplate
Elayne Gardstein

Volume 46, Number 3, 2011

Introduction: The Continuing Depression
James V. Carmichael, Jr.
“Bricks without Straw”: Economic Hardship and Innovation in the Chicago Public Library during the Great Depression
Eric Novotny
Not Gone with the Wind: Libraries in Oklahoma in the 1930s
Tanya Ducker Finchum and Allen Finchum
The Great Depression and Its Impact on an Emerging Research Library: The University of North Carolina Library, 1929–1941
Eileen McGrath and Linda Jacobson
Memorial Day to Memorial Library: The South Chicago Branch Library as Cultural Terrain, 1937–1947
Joyce M. Latham

Volume 46, Number 2, 2011

A Good Social Work: Women’s Clubs, Libraries, and the Construction of a Secular Society in Utah, 1890–1920
Suzanne M. Stauffer
The British Library of Information in New York: A Tool of British Foreign Policy, 1919–1942
David A. Lincove

Essays & Notes

The Converging Histories and Futures of Libraries, Archives, and Museums as Seen through the Case of the Curious Collector Myron Eells
Michael J. Paulus, Jr.

The Fields of the Information Domain: A Symposium Exploring Their Historical Relationships and Research Opportunities

The Past May Be the Prologue: History’s Place in the Future of the Information Professions
Barbara L. Craig
The Boundaries of Preservation and Conservation Research
Michele V. Cloonan
The History of Information Science and Other Traditional Information Domains: Models for Future Research
William Aspray

Volume 46, Number 1, 2011

The French Revolution and the Materiality of the Modern Archive
Ralph Kingston
The Education of Alice M. Jordan and the Origins of the Boston Public Library Training School
Gale Eaton
"The persuasion of books": The Significance of Libraries in Colonial British Columbia
Heather Dean
Children's Voices in Librarians' Words, 1890-1930
Kate McDowell

Essays & Notes

A Comparison of the Progressive Era and the Depression Years: Societal Influences on Predictions of the Future of the Library, 1895-1940
Cultural Record Keepers: Legacy of a One-Man Book Maker
Randy Silverman and Cathleen A. Baker

Volume 45, Number 4, 2010

Spoilsmen and Daughters of the Republic: Political Interference in the Texas State Library during the Tenure of Elizabeth Howard West, 1911–1925
Pamela R. Bleisch
From Private Passion to Public Virtue: Thomas B. Lockwood and the Making of a Cultural Philanthropist, 1895-1935
Thomas A. Bolze
Records Management and the Decline of the English Archival Establishment, 1949–1956
Hans C. Rasmussen
The Mission of "Little Star": Juana Manrique de Lara's Contributions to Mexican Librarianship
Phillip Jones

Essays & Notes

Cultural Record Keepers: The Library of the Supreme Court of the Colony of Victoria, Australia
Sue Reynolds

Volume 45, Number 3, 2010

Rebecca Rankin's Campaign for a Municipal Archives in New York, 1920–1952
Barry W. Seaver
E. W. B. Nicholson and the Bodleian Library Staff-Kalendar
Barbara B. Moran
The Genesis of Monastic Libraries
Herman A. Peterson

Essays & Notes

The Public Library in Utopia
Kevin J. Hayes
Our Historiographical Enterprise: Shifting Emphases and Directions
Edward A. Goedeken
Cultural Record Keepers: Vivian G. Harsh Collection of Afro-American History and Literature, Carter G. Woodson Regional Library, Chicago Public Library
Emily Guss

Volume 45, Number 2, 2010

Women Pioneers in the Information Sciences, Part II

Issue Editors: Trudi Bellardo Hahn and Diane L. Barlow

Trudi Bellardo Hahn and Diane L. Barlow
Madeline M. Henderson: From Chemical Information Science Pioneer to Architect of the New Information Science
Robert V. Williams
Martha E. Williams: Pioneer Information Scientist and Online Industry Guru
Linda C. Smith and Carol Tenopir
Pauline Atherton Cochrane: Weaving Value from the Past
Kathryn La Barre
An Ordinary Life in the Round: Elfreda Annmary Chatman
Crystal Fulton

Volume 45, Number 1, 2010

The Library of Congress and the Center for the Book
Historical Essays in Honor of John Y. Cole

Issue Editor: Mary Niles Maack

John Y. Cole: Librarian, Bookman, and Scholar
Mary Niles Maack
The History and Historiography of the Library of Congress Histories of the Library of Congress
Jane Aikin
Properly Arranged and Properly Recorded: The Library of Congress Archives
Josephus Nelson

The Center for the Book

The National and International Roles of the Center for the Book
Guy Lamolinara
The Center for the Book and the History of the Book
Eleanor F. Shevlin and Eric N. Lindquist

The History of Books, Reading, and Publishing

"The Choice of Books": Ainsworth Rand Spofford, the Ideology of Reading, and Literary Collections at the Library of Congress in the 1870s
Carl Ostrowski
The Library of Congress in 1892: Ainsworth Spofford, Houghton, Mifflin and Company, and Uncle Tom's Cabin
Michael Winship
"Wake Up and Read!" Book Promotion and National Library Week, 1958
Jean Preer

International Perspectives

The Library of Congress, the Smithsonian Institution, and the Global Exchange of Governmental Documents, 1834–1889
Nancy E. Gwinn
International Trends in Library History
Donald G. Davis, Jr.

Contributions and Legacy of John Y. Cole

Chronology and Bibliography of John Y. Cole

2009, 44:4

Writers Blocked: The Debate over Public Lending Right in the United States during the 1980s
Awarded the 2009 Justin Winsor Prize
Richard Lecomte
Colonialism, Ethnicity, and Geopolitics in the Development of the Singapore National Library
Brendan Luyt

Essays and Notes

The Literature of American Library History, 2006–2007
Edward A. Goedeken
Inventing a Model Library "a la francaise"
Anne-Marie Bertrand
Cultural Record Keepers: The Belfast Library and Society for Promoting Knowledge
Hans C. Rasmussen

2009, 44:3

Wheat and Chaff: Carl Roden, Abe Korman, and the Definitions of Intellectual Freedom in the Chicago Public Library
Joyce M. Latham
"How Can We Fail?" The Texas State Library's Traveling Libraries and Bookmobiles, 1916–1966
Jennifer Cummings

Essays & Notes

Enhancing the Cultural Record: Recent Trends and Issues in the History of Information Science and Technology
Robert V. Williams
Information Organization and the Mysterious Information User
Francis Miksa
Cultural Record Keepers: The English Book Donation, Chicago Public Library
Constance J. Gordon

2009, 44:2

Special Issue: Women Pioneers in the Information Sciences, 1900-1950

Issue Editors: Trudi Bellardo Hahn and Diane L. Barlow

The Eye Prophetic: Julia Pettee
Christopher H. Walker and Ann Copeland
Margaret Cross Norton: Defining and Redefining Archives and the Archival Profession
Erin Lawrimore
Women Professionals in Documentation in France during the 1930s
Sylvie Fayet-Scribe Michael Buckland, Translator
María Moliner and Her Contribution to the History of Spain's Public Libraries
María R. Osuna Alarcón
Vivian Harsh, Adult Education, and the Library's Role as Community Center
Laura Burt
Highly Subjective: The Librarianship of Winifred Sewell
Malissa Ruffner and Emily J. Glenn

2009, 44:1

Personal Papers in History: Papers from the Third International Conference on the History of Records and Archives

Issue Editors: Barbara L. Craig, Philip B. Eppard, Brenda Lawson, and Heather MacNeil

The Genealogical Gaze: Family Identities and Family Archives in the Fourteenth to Seventeenth Centuries
Eric Ketelaar
"Kepe wysly youre wrytyngys": Margaret Paston's Fifteenth-Century Letters
Jennifer Douglas
Custodial History, Provenance, and the Description of Personal Records
Geoffrey Yeo
Sir John Soane: Rewriting a Life
Susan Palmer
Where Narratives Meet: Archival Description, Provenance, and Women's Diaries
Heather Beattie
Is it a Diary, Commonplace Book, Scrapbook, or Whatchamacallit?: Six Years' Exploration in New England's Manuscript Archives
Ronald J. Zboray and Mary Saracino Zboray
Communicating Community: Russian and Canadian Mennonite Correspondence, 1850-1900
Rachel Joanne Mills
The Dawn of the "Chaotic Account": Horatio Hale's Australia Notebook and the Development of Anthropologists' Field Notes
Tom Belton

2008, 43:3

Tiberius and the Libraries: Public Book Collections and Library Buildings in the Early Roman Empire
George W. Houston
The Public Library as Instrument of Colonialism: the Case of the Netherlands East Indies
Elizabeth B. Fitzpatrick
"The Feminine Touch Has Not Been Wanting": Women Librarians at Camp Zachary Taylor, 1917-1919
Caroline Daniels
Contradictions of Corporate Benevolence: Industrial Libraries in the Southern Textile Industry, 1920-1945
Bart Dredge
Culture and the New Iraq: The Iraq National Library and Archive, "Imagined Community," and the Future of the Iraqi Nation
Julie Biando Edwards and Stephan P. Edwards
Cultural Record Keepers: Beth Budd Bentley Collection, Osborne Collection of Early Children's Books, Toronto Public Library
Leslie McGrath

2008, 43:2

Preparing for an Air Attack: Libraries and American Air Raid Defense during World War II
Brett Spencer
The Yellow Register Archives of Imperial Ming China
Wenxian Zhang
Western Canadiana at McGill University: The Formation of a Rare Book Collection
Peter F. McNally
The Ambiguous Origins of the Archival Principle of "Provenance"
Shelley Sweeney
Cultural Record Keepers: The Myron Eells Northwest History Collection, Whitman College
Michael J. Paulus, Jr.

2008, 43:1

Promoting Citizenship: How Librarians Helped Get Out the Vote in the 1952 Presidential Election
Jean Preer (Awarded 2007 Justin Winsor Prize)
The Making of a Collection: Mesoamerican Manuscripts at Princeton University
Teresa T. Basler and David C. Wright
To "Build upon the Foundation": Charles Gayarré's Vision for the Louisiana State Library
Faye Phillips

Essays & Notes

Wishing They Were There: Old Postcards and Library History
Bernadette A. Lear
Cultural Record Keepers: Bruce Rogers Book Collection, Archives and Special Collections, Purdue University Libraries
Amanda C. Grossman and Sammie L. Morris

2007, 42:4

The Library and Its Place in Cultural Memory: The Grande Bibliothèque du Québec in the Construction of Social and Cultural Identity
Birdie MacLennan
In Their Own Image: The Public Library Collection as a Reflection of Its Donors
Suzanne M. Stauffer
Breaking the Color Barrier: Regina Andrews and the New York Public Library
Ethelene Whitmire

Essays & Notes

Responses to the Resurrection of Miss Ruth Brown: An Essay on the Reception of a Historical Case Study
Louise S. Robbins
The History of the Library in Western Civilization: A Review Essay
David B. Gracy II
Burning Books: A Review Essay
Stanley Chodorow
Cultural Record Keepers: The New York Mercantile Library and Its Home Delivery Service
Larry Nix
In Memoriam: Robert L. Dawson (1943-2007)
Bette W. Oliver

2007, 42:3

Clara M. Edmunds and the Library of the United States Information Service, 1934–1948
Mordecai Lee
Beyond "Pabulum for the Undergraduates": The Development of the Princeton Theological Seminary Library in the Nineteenth Century
Michael J. Paulus, Jr.
"Indispensable in a Civilized Society": Manuel Payno's "Las bibliotecas de México"
Phillip Jones

Essays & Notes

Can't Judge a Book without Its Binding
Randy Silverman
From Paris to St. Petersburg: Voltaire's Library in Russia
Inna Gorbatov
Cultural Record Keepers: The Evelyn Waugh Library, Harry Ransom Humanities Research Center, University of Texas at Austin
Richard W. Oram

2007, 42:2

The Book Women of Kentucky: The WPA Pack Horse Library Project, 1936-1943
Donald C. Boyd
"A Proper Function of Library Schools": T. R. Schellenberg's Archives Institute at the University of Texas, 1960
William W. Hardesty
The Public Library Explosion in Colonial New Zealand
J. E. Traue
To "Keep the Past in Lively Memory": William Carl Bolivar's Efforts to Preserve African American Cultural Heritage
William C. Welburn

Essays & Notes

Early Days of the Central Library and the Book Van in Trinidad and Tobago
Claudia Hill
Cultural Record Keepers: Simeon J. Bolan, Dealer in Russian Books
Irina Tarsis

2007, 42:1

Into the Source and History of Chinese Culture: Knowledge Classification in Ancient China
Shuyong Jiang
The Library of the Reich Security Main Office and Its Looted Jewish Book Collections
Dov Schidorsky
The Bibliothèque nationale from 1792 to 1794: Becoming a National Institution during the French Revolution
Bette W. Oliver

Essays & Notes

The Rich Potential of American Public School Library History: Research Needs and Opportunities for Historians of Education and Librarianship
Wayne A. Wiegand
The Power to Name: A Review Essay
Francis L. Miksa
Cultural Record Keepers: The National Archives of the United States
Sarah Quigley

Fall 2006, 41:4

"Let us hasten to redeem the time that is lost": J. G. M. Ramsey's Role in the Collection and Promotion of Tennessee History
Erin R. Lawrimore
The Professionalization of a Calling: Mission and Method at the New York Library Club, 1885–1901
Tom Glynn
"'Tis better to be brief than tedious"? The Evolution of the American Public Library Annual Report, 1876–2004
Bernadette A. Lear

Essays & Notes

"Louder Please": Using Historical Research to Foster Professional Identity in LIS Students
Jean L. Preer
Toward a National Disaster Response Protocol
Randy Silverman
Cultural Record Keepers: Norman W. Brillhart Collection, University of Oklahoma Libraries' Western History Collections
Kristina L. Southwell
Index to Volume 41

Summer 2006, 41:3

Museums, Nationality, and Public Research Libraries in Nineteenth-Century Transylvania
James P. Niessen
Black Public Libraries in the South in the Era of De Jure Segregation
Michael Fultz
The Contributions of Nineteenth-Century Christian Missionaries to Chinese Library Reform
Jing Liao

Essays & Notes

To Represent Us Truly: The Job and Context of Preserving the Cultural Record
Stanley Chodorow
The Prague Library Floods of 2002: Crisis and Experimentation
Emily Ray
Stimulating Scholarship: Library History Round Table's Research Forum
Christine Pawley
Cultural Record Keepers: The J. Porter Shaw Library, San Francisco Maritime Museum
Judith Overmier

Spring 2006, 41:2

"One Cathedral More" or "Mere Lounging Places for Bummers"? The Cultural Politics of Leisure and the Public Library in Gilded Age America
Alexis McCrossen
Growing up with Books: Fanny Seward's Book Collecting, Reading, and Writing in Mid-Nineteenth-Century New York State
Deirdre C. Stam
Mapping Activities of Artists in the Past: A Bibliometric Study of the Library of the Scandinavian Association in Rome until 1870
Fredrik Åström and Lennart Pettersson

Notes & Essays

Tradition and Protean Nature—Journals and Scholarly Communication: A Review Essay
Jean-Pierre V. M. Hérubel
The Cover
Edith Anderson Rights

Winter 2006, 41:1

Special Issue: The Woman's Building Library, World's Columbian Exposition, 1893
Sarah Wadsworth, Issue Editor
Symmetrical Womanhood: Poetry in the Woman's Building Library
Angela Sorby
Publicizing Domestic Piety: The Cultural Work of Religious Texts in the Woman's Building Library
Candy Gunther Brown
African-American Women's Writings in the Woman's Building Library
Amina Gautier
Uncle Tom's Cabin at the World's Columbian Exposition
Barbara Hochman
Illinois Women's Novels at the Woman's Building Library
Bernice E. Gallagher
Little Pilgrims' Progress: Literary Horizons for Children's Literature
Anne Lundin

Notes & Essays

Afterword: The Woman's Building Library and History
Emily B. Todd
The Cover
Sarah Wadsworth

Fall 2005, 40:4

The New York Society Library: Books, Authority, and Publics in Colonial and Early Republican New York
Tom Glynn
Recasting the Debate: The Sign of the Library in Popular Culture
Kornelia Tancheva

Notes & Essays

The Queen Mary 2 Library
Richard D. Burbank
The Cover
Larisa Somsel
Index to Volume 40

Summer 2005, 40:3

Perceiving the Past: Essays Honoring the Legacy of Donald G. Davis, Jr.

Edited by Cheryl Knott Malone, Hermina G. B. Anghelescu, and John Mark Tucker

Introduction: Donald G. Davis, Jr.: A Gentleman and a Scholar
Cheryl Knott Malone, Hermina G. B. Anghelescu, and John Mark Tucker
The Cover
Judith Overmier

Library History Education and Research

History in the Library and Information Science Curriculum: Outline of a Debate
Christine Pawley
Early American Imprint Bibliography and Its Stories: An Introductory Course in Bibliographical Civics
Donald W. Krummel
Assessing What We Wrote: A Review of the Libraries & Culture Literature Reviews, 1967–2002
Edward A. Goedeken
Quantifying the "Goodness" of Library History Research: A Bibliometric Study of the Journal of Library History/Libraries & Culture
Andrew B. Wertheimer

Libraries, Books, and Culture

In Union There Is Strength: The Farmers' Institute and the Western Literary Union Library
David M. Hovde and John W. Fritch
Reading Hilda's Home: Gender, Print Culture, and the Dissemination of Utopian Thought in Late-Nineteenth-Century America
Joanne E. Passet
Southern Librarianship and the Culture of Resentment
James V. Carmichael, Jr.
Changing the Geography of Reading in a Southern Border State: The Rosenwald Fund and the WPA in Oklahoma
Louise S. Robbins
Collecting Contested Titles: The Experience of Five Small Public Libraries in the Rural Midwest, 1893-1956
Wayne Wiegand

International Perspectives

The Library of Congress Becomes a World Library, 1815–2005
John Y. Cole
American Bookwomen in Paris during the 1920s
Mary Niles Maack
The Library as Clinic: A Foucauldian Interpretation of British Public Library Attitudes to Social and Physical Disease, ca. 1850–1950
Alistair Black
European Integration: Are Romanian Libraries Ready?
Hermina G. B. Anghelescu

Legacy of a Mentor

From Libraries & Culture to the Bibliothèque nationale
Bette W. Oliver
Fides et Historia: Christian Sources for the Professional Contributions of Donald G. Davis, Jr.
John Mark Tucker
Chronology and Bibliography of Donald G. Davis, Jr.

Spring 2005, 40:2

Reopening the Book on Arcimboldo's Librarian
K. C. Elhard
Prosecution of War Crimes for Destruction of Libraries and Archives in Times of Armed Conflict
Sanja Zgonjanin

Notes & Essays

Ebb and Flow: The Migration of Collections to American Libraries: A Report
Richard W. Oram
Wilderness Journal in the Jim Crow Era: A Review Essay
John Mark Tucker
Phoenix Ascendant: French Higher Education, Significance for Research and Learning for Library/Book/Print Culture History
Jean-Pierre V. M. Herubel
The Cover
R. James King

Winter 2005, 40:1

"To make the people of South Africa proud of their membership of the great British Empire": Home Reading Unions in South Africa, 1900–1914
Archie L. Dick
Daniel Alexander Payne Murray (1852–1925), Forgotten Librarian, Bibliographer, and Historian
Billie E. Walker
"She speaks as one having authority": Mary E. Downey's Use of Libraries as a Means to Public Power
Suzanne M. Stauffer

Notes & Essays

Contextual Culture of the Master's Degree and the Decline of the M.L.S. Thesis: An Exploratory Review Essay
Jean-Pierre V. M. Hérubel
The Cover
Eric G. Grundset

Fall 2004, 39:4


The Road to Minsk for Western "Trophy" Books: Twice Plundered but Not Yet "Home from the War"
Patricia Kennedy Grimsted
Libraries in Communities: Expected and Unexpected Portrayals in State Case Law
Susan K. Burke and Eva Martin

Notes & Essays

Clio's Dream; or, Has the Muse Departed from the Temple? Implications for Library History
Jean-Pierre V. M. Hérubel
The Steamship Named ALA
Harry R. Skallerup
Breaking Bad Habits: A Review Essay
Mark Y. Herring
The Cover
Leigh A. Woznick

Summer 2004, 39:3


Classification and Definition of a Discipline: The Dewey Decimal Classification and Home Economics
Anne M. Fields and Tschera Harkness Connell
Welcome Guests or Representatives of the "Mal-Odorous Class"? Periodicals and Their Readers in American Public Libraries, 1876–1914
Charles Johanningsmeier

Notes & Essays

Historiography's Horizon and Imperative: Febvrian Annales Legacy and Library History as Cultural History
Jean-Pierre V. M. Hérubel
The Cover

Spring 2004, 39:2


"The Whole Tragedy of Leisure in Penury": The South Wales Miners' Institute Libraries during the Great Depression
Chris Baggs
"This Year—Richmond!": The 1936 Meeting of the American Library Association
Jean L. Preer
The Genesis of the Modern Academic Library in China: Western Influences and the Chinese Response
Jing Liao

Notes & Essays

The Literature of American Library History, 2001–2002
Edward A. Goedeken
The Cover

Winter 2004, 39:1


African Bibliophiles: Books and Libraries in Medieval Timbuktu
Brent D. Singleton
Keeper of Histories: The State Historical Society of Wisconsin Library and Its Cultural Work, 1860–1910
Amanda Laugesen
Edmund Janes James Builds a Library: The University of Illinois Library, 1904–1920
Winton U. Solberg

Notes & Essays

The National Library of France: A Patron Reflects
Robert L. Dawson
The Cover

Fall 2003, 38:4


The Library of the Himalayan Club, a Unique Cultural Institution in Simla, 1928–1946
Nirmolini V. Flora
Civil Rights and the Louisiana Library Association
Steven R. Harris
Forbidden Fruit: The Banning of The Grapes of Wrath in the Kern County Free Library
Marci Lingo

Notes & Essays

Revisiting C.H. Milam's What Libraries Learned from the War and Rediscovering the Library Faith
Melody Specht Kelly
Eric Moon as the Twentieth-Century Embodiment of Melvil Dewey?
Donald G. Davis, Jr.
The Cover
Index to Volume 38

Summer 2003, 38:3


False Optimism: Modernity, Class and the Public Library in Britain in the 1960s and 1970s
Alistair Black
"The Spirit of an Age": Iowa Public Libraries and Professional Librarians as Solutions to Society's Problems, 1890–1940
Daniel Goldstein
Behind Adobe Walls and Iron Bars: The Utah Territorial Penitentiary Library
Melvin L. Bashore

Notes & Essays

What We Wrote About and Who We Were: Historical Writings in JLH/L&C, 1966–1999
Edward A. Goedeken
The Cover
Judith Overmier and Robert K. Weber

Spring 2003, 38:2


A Corrupt Medium: Stephen Burroughs and the Bridgehampton, New York, Library
Susanna Ashton
Discipline and the Discipline: Histories of the British Public Library
G. K. Peatling
The Destruction of Jewish Libraries and Archives in Cracow during World War II
Marek Sroka

Notes & Essays

Charles Nodier: The Romantic Librarian
Matthew Loving
The Cover
Kristen Regina

Winter 2003, 38:1


"Before the Public": Some Early Libraries of Antigua
Gregory Frohnsdorff
"A Few Good Books": South Dakota's Country School Libraries
Lisa Lindell

Notes & Essays

Alternative Futures for Library History
Jonathan Rose
"The History of Libraries in the United States": A Conference Report
Kenneth Carpenter and Thomas Augst
The Cover
Kathryn Neal

Fall 2002, 37:4


The American Library Association in Latin America: From Conceptualization to Implementation of American Librarianship as a "Modern" Model during the Good Neighbor Policy Era
Hector J. Maymí-Sugrañes
Activism in Library Development: Women's Studies at Rutgers University, 1970–1995
Hur-Li Lee
The Greatest Librarians of the World Were Not Graduates of Library School
Greg Bak

Notes & Essays

The Cover
Christopher D. Barth
Index to Volume 37

Summer 2002, 37:3


Returning Jewish Cultural Property: The Handling of Books Looted by the Nazis in the American Zone of Occupation, 1945 to 1952
Robert G. Waite
Representation of Books and Libraries in Depictions of the Future
Katherine Pennavaria

Notes & Essays

Double Trouble or More: A Response to Double Fold
Karen L. Pavelka
The Bibliothèque nationale de France: My French Experience
Andrzej Durlik
The Cover
William E. Brown Jr.

Spring 2002, 37:2


"The Great Fiction Bore": Free Libraries and the Construction of a Reading Public in England, 1880–1914
Mary Hammond
Books for Use of the United States in Congress Assembled, 1783 and 1800
Thomas Glynn and Craig C. Hagensick

Notes & Essays

The Cairo Genizah: A Medieval Mediterranean Deposit and a Modern Cambridge Archive
Stefan Reif
Passing the Torch: Haynes McMullen's American Library History Database and American Libraries Before 1876
Bill Olbrich
The Literature of American History, 1999–2000
Edward Goedeken
The Cover
Jean Hort

Winter 2002, 37:1

Editorial Note
Donald G. Davis, Jr.
Thomas F. Staley
List of Participants
Opening Remarks
Fleur Cowles
Keynote Address
William M. Chace


Special Collections Libraries: Looking Ahead by Looking Back
Richard Wendorf
The Future of Libraries and Humanities Research: New Strategic Directions for the British Library
Lynne Brindley
"Only Connect!": Institutional Planning and Funding
Ellen Dunlap
The Impact of Digitalization on Special Collections in Libraries
Peter Hirtle
Pushing Paper: Dealers and Institutional Collectors
Lisa Browar
Excavating the Imagination: Archival Research and the Digital Revolution
Ronald Schuchard
My Infinite Library
Warwick Gould
National Collections, Global Collecting: The Responsibilities of Librarians as Collectors
Alice Prochaska
The Bridge Beyond
Prosser Gifford

Notes & Essays

The Cover
Fleur Cowles

Fall 2001, 36:4


Rifles for Watie: Rollins, Riley, and Racism
Holly G. Willett

Notes & Essays

St. Osmund's New Legacy: The Scriptorum Informs the Electronic Text Center
Jeanetta Drueke
The Librarian and the Library: Why Place Matters
Abigail A. Van Slyck
The Cover
Kristina L. Southwell

Summer 2001, 36:3


Men of Energy and Snap: The Origins and Early Years of the Billings Public Library
Daniel F. Ring
Collection Development in Public and University Libraries of the Former German Democratic Republic since German Unification
Kathleen A. Smith
"Illumino" for All: Opening the Library Association of Portland to the Public, 1900–1903
Cheryl Gunselman

Notes & Essays

The Cover
Cheryl Gunselman 

Spring 2001, 36:2


Rebecca Browning Rankin Uses Radio to Promote the Municipal Reference Library of the City of New York and the Civic Education of its Citizens
Barry W. Seaver
Trends in Phillipine Library History
Vicente S. Hernandez

Notes & Essays

The Cover
Timothy J. Johnson

Winter 2001, 36:1

Books, Libraries, Reading and Publishing in the Cold War

Martine Poulain
Editorial Note
Donald G. Davis, Jr.

Session 1: Books during the Cold War

"With malice toward none": IFLA and the Cold War
Donald G. Davis, Jr., assisted by Nathaniel Feis (USA)
A Soviet Research Library Remembered
Edward Kasinec (USA)
The Overseas Libraries Controversy and the Freedom to Read: U.S. Librarians and Publishers Confront Joseph McCarthy
Louise S. Robbins (USA)
The Effect of the Cold War on Librarianship in China
Cheng Huanwen (China)
Political Censorship in Finnish Libraries from 1944 to 1946
Kai Ekholm (Finland)
Books and Libraries as Instruments of Cultural Diplomacy in Francophone Africa during the Cold War
Mary Niles Maack (USA)

Session 2: Publishing during the Cold War

Censors and their Readers: Selling, Silencing, and Reading Czech Books
Jirina Smejkalova (Czech Republic)
Control of Literary Communication in the 1945–1956 Period in Poland
Oskar Stanislaw Czarnik (Poland)
International Harmony: Threat or Menace? U.S. Youth Services Librarians and Cold War Censorship, 1946–1955
Christine Jenkins (USA)
Le Comité de Défence de la Littérature et de la Presse pour la Jeunesse: The Communists and the Press for Children during the Cold War
Thierry Crépin (France)

Session 3: Reading during the Cold War

Reading in the Context of Censorship in the Soviet Union
Valeria D. Stelmakh (Russia)
Symbolic Censorship and Control of Appropriations: The French Communist Party Facing "Heretical" Texts during the Cold War
Bernard Pudal (France)
American Literature in Cold War Germany
Martin Meyer (Germany)
A Cold War Best-Seller: The Reaction to Arthur Koestler's Darkness at Noon in France from 1945 to 1950
Martine Poulain (France)
Library Secret Fonds and the Competition of Societies
István Király (Romania)

Session 4: Libraries during the Cold War

Cold War Librarianship: Soviet and American Library Activities in Support of National Foreign Policy, 1946–1991
Pamela Spence Richards (USA)
Foreign Libraries in the Mirror of Soviet Library Science during the Cold War
Boris Volodin (Russia)
Finland Pays Its Debts and Gets Books in Return: ASLA Grants to the Finnish Research Libraries, 1950–1967
Ilkka Mäkinen (Finland)
Romanian Libraries Recover after the Cold War: The Communist Legacy and the Road Ahead
Hermina G. B. Anghelescu (USA)
Leaning on One Side: The Impact of the Cold War on Chinese Library Collections
Priscilla C. Yu (USA)
Martin Manning

Fall 2000, 35:4


A. Robert Rogers: The Influence of his Canadianism on his Work as a Library Educator
Eric Linderman
The Librarian as Secular Minister to Democracy: The Life and Ideas of John Cotton Dana
Kevin Mattson

Notes & Essays

The Religious Tract Society Conference: From the Dairyman's Daughter to St. Dominic's-and Beyond
Elizabeth L. Johnson
Two Seventeenth Century Library Handbooks—Two Different Library Theories
Mathilde V. Rovelstade
André Malraux and the French Ministry of Cultural Affairs: A Bibliographic Essay
Jean-Pierre V. M. Hérubel
The Cover
Donald Clay Johnson

Book Reviews


Summer 2000, 35:3


Andrew Carnegie and Academic Library Philanthropy: The Case of Rollins College, Winter Park, Florida
Donna K. Cohen
The English Parish Library: A Celebration of Diversity
Sarah Gray and Chris Baggs
Advocate for Access: Lutie Stearns and the Traveling Libraries of the Wisconsin Free Library Commission, 1895-1914
Christine Pawley

Notes & Essays

The Cover
Paul Elliott

Summer 2000, 35:2


James Alfred Pearce and the Question of a National Library in Antebellum America
Carl Ostrowski
Museums, Management, Media, and Memory: Lessons from the Enola Gay Exhibition
Elizabeth Yakel

Notes & Essays

The Literature of American Library History, 1997-1998
Edward A. Goedeken
The Cover
Judith A. Overmier

Winter 2000, 35:1

Library History Research in America

Essays Commemorating the Fiftieth Anniversary of the Library History Round Table American Library Association Edited by Andrew B. Wertheimer and Donald G. Davis, Jr. Authorized and Supported by the Library History Round Table

Andrew B. Wertheimer and Donald G. Davis, Jr.

Critical Approach to Library History

American Library History Literature, 1947-1997: Theoretical Perspectives?
Wayne A. Wiegand

Pioneers of the Library History Round Table

Louis Shores and Library History
Lee Shiflett
The Library History Round Table's First Twenty-five Years: Reminiscences and Remarks on Recent Research
John David Marshall

New Directions for Library History

Library Feminism and Library Women's History: Activism and Scholarship, Equity and Culture
Suzanne Hildenbrand
International Dimensions of Library History: Leadership and Scholarship, 1978-1998
Mary Niles Maack
Toward a Multicultural American Public Library History
Cheryl Knott Malone
"They Sure Got to Prove It on Me": Millennial Thoughts on Gay Archives, Gay Biography, and Gay Library History
James V. Carmichael, Jr.
The History of Youth Services Librarianship: A Review of the Research Literature
Christine A. Jenkins

Library History and Cognate Fields

The Failure or Future of American Archival History: A Somewhat Unorthodox View
Richard J. Cox
Historical Bibliography and Library History
D. W. Krummel

The LHRT and the State of Library History Research

The Library Historian's Field of Dreams: A Profile of the First Nine Seminars
Edward A. Goedeken
Advancing the Scholarship of Library History: The Role of the Journal of Library History and Libraries & Culture
Jon Arvid Aho and Donald G. Davis, Jr.
Clio's Workshop: Resources for Historical Studies in American Librarianship
John Mark Tucker
Fifty Years of Promoting Library History: A Chronology of the ALA (American) Library History Round Table, 1947-1997
Andrew B. Wertheimer and John David Marshall

Ideological and Historiographical Reflections

The Historical Sensibility
Phyllis Dain
The Cover
Elizabeth R. Cardman

Fall 1999, 34:4


At the Pleasure of the Board: Women Librarians and the Los Angeles Public Library, 1880-1905
Debra Gold Hansen, Karen F. Gracy, and Sheri D. Irvin
Books for a Reformed Republic: The Apprentices' Library of New York City, 1820-1865
Tom Glynn

Notes & Essays

Safeguarding the Nation's Past: Chamfort's Brief Career at the Bibliothèque Nationale
Bette W. Oliver
Historical Bibliometrics: Its Purpose and Significance to the History of Disciplines
Jean-Pierre V. M. Hérubel
New Libraries: Reading Rooms a la carte
Brian Lang
The Cover
Brad Oftelie


Summer 1999, 34:3


What Did Early Modern Priests Read? The Library of the Seminary of Fiesole, 1646-1721
Kathleen M. Comerford
Latin American Archival Theory and Practice during the 1970s and 1980s
Héctor J. Maymí-Surgrañes
Bloodless Torture: The Books of the Roman Ghetto under the Nazi Occupation
Stanislao G. Pugliese

Notes & Essays

Conference on the History and Heritage of Science Information Systems, 23-25 October 1988, Pittsburgh: A Brief Report and Personal Assessment
Eugene B. Jackson
"The Milestones of Science" Collection: The Public Library and the Conservation of Buffalo's Cultural Heritage
Daniel L. Walters and Mary E. Petty
The Cover
Edith Anderson Rights

Book Reviews

Spring 1999, 34:2


Autonomy and Accommodation: Houston's Colored Carnegie Library, 1907-1922
Cheryl Knott Malone
"The Greatest Morale Factor Next to the Red Army": Books and Libraries in American and British Prisoners of War Camps in Germany during World War II
David Shavit
Patricia Spereman and the Beginning of Canadian Public Library Work with Children
Lynne (E.F.) McKechnie

Notes & Essays

Unpacking: Walter Benjamin and His Library
Joseph D. Lewandowski
The Igbo in Diaspora: The Binding Force of Information
Amusi Odi
Libraries Without Walls or Architectural Fantasies: A Turn-of-the-Millennium dilemma
Hermina G.B. Anghelescu
The Cover
Judith A. Overmier

Book Reviews

Winter 1999, 34:1


The University of Cracow Library under Nazi Occupation: 1939-1945
Marek Sroka
The Connecticut Missionary Society and Book Distribution in the Early Republic
James R. Rohrer
The Carnegie Corporation and South Africa: Non-European Library Services
Maxine K. Rochester

Notes & Essays

Constructing Women in Library History: Responding to Julia Taylor's "Left on the Shelf?"
Evelyn Kerslake
The Cover
Jerrie Hall, Philip Viles Jr., Sidney F. Huttner

Book Reviews

Fall 1998, 33:4


Confiscation of Libraries and Assignments to Forced Labor: Two Documents of the Holocaust
Dov Schivorsky
Arthur E. Bostwick and Chinese Library Development: A Chapter in International Cooperation
Priscilla C. Yu and Donald G. Davis Jr.

Notes & Essays

The Literature of American Library History, 1995-1996
Edward A. Goedeken
The Cover
Lisa Bier and Donald G. Davis Jr.

Book Reviews

Summer 1998, 33:3

Orientalist Libraries and Orientalism

S. W. Massil


Ahmad Faris al-Shidyaq (d.1887) and the Libraries of Europe and the Ottoman Empire
Geoffrey Roper
Muhammad Ali Pasha, the Great Exhibition of 1851 and SOAS Library
Peter Colvin
Libraries in Late Ottoman Palestine between the Orient and the Occident
Dov Schidorsky
The Oriental Books and Libraries in Bosnia during the War, 1992-94
Aleksander Stipcevic
Asiatic Researches: English Sources for Oriental Studies in Gottingen University Library, 1735-1800
Graham Jefcoate
German Librarians in Exile in Turkey, 1933-1945
Hildegard Muller
The Library of the Royal Asiatic Society and its Collections Relation to South Asia
M. J. Pollock

Notes and Essays

The Cover
Randy Jensen

Book Reviews

Spring 1998, 33:2


Integration and the Alabama Library Association: Not So Black and White
Kayla Barrett and Barbara A. Bishop
Legislating for Un-Free Public Libraries: The Paradox of New Zealand Public Library Legislation, 1869-1877
J. E. Traue
The 'Amherst Method': The Origins of the Dewey Decimal Classification Scheme
Wayne A. Wiegand

Notes & Essays

The Cover
Elena S. Danielson

Winter 1998, 33:1

Pamela Spence Richards


Literary Dissent as a Phenomenon of Twentieth-century Russian Culture
Iulia V. Babicheva
American Public Libraries in the Information Age: Constant Purpose in Changing Times
James H. Billington
Censorship of Public Reading in Russia, 1870-1950
Arlen V. Blium
Russian Libraries and Readers after the Ice Age
Marianna Tax Choldin
Books, Reading, and the Library of Congress in a Changing America
John Y. Cole
Culture Wars in American Libraries: Ideological Battles in the Selection of Materials
Donald G. Davis, Jr.
On the Reading of Religious Literature in Secular Libraries
Ekaterina Genieva
Women's Values, Vision and Culture in the Transformation of American Librarianship, 1890-1920
Mary Niles Maack
Immigration and the Book: Foreigners as the Founders of the First Libraries in Russia (St. Petersburg 1750-1835)
Irina G. Matveeva
Youth Services in Russian Libraries in an Era of Social Change
Iulia P. Melent'eva
Our Life in a Foreign Language
Elena G. Rabinovitch
'Dangerous Reading' in the Soviet Era
Dmitri K. Ravinskii
Library Services and the African-American Intelligentsia before 1960
Pamela Spence Richards
A Conservative Canon: Cultural Lag in British Working-Class Reading Habits
Jonathan Rose
Reading in Postwar Russia
Valeria D. Stel'makh
On Reading in American Prisons: Structures and Strictures
Larry E. Sullivan
The Scholarly Library at the End of the Twentieth Century
Boris Volodin
Main Street Public Library: The Availability of Controversial Materials in the Rural Heartland, 1890-1956
Wayne A. Wiegand
The Cover
Hermina G. B. Anghelescu

Fall 1997, 32:4

Legislating for Un-Free Public Libraries: The Paradox of New Zealand Public Library Legislation, 1869-1877
J. E. Traue
The Wonderful World of Books: Librarians, Publishers, and Rural Readers
Jean L. Preer
Blazing the Way: The WPA Library Service Demonstration Project in South Carolina
Robert M. Gorman
The Xujiahui (Zikawei) Library of Shanghai
Gail King

Notes & Essays

'Libraries and Philanthropy, The Proceedings of Library History Seminar IX,' Spring 1995, The University of Alabama, Tuscaloosa
P. Toby Graham
The Cover
Everett C. Wilkie, Jr.

Summer 1997, 32:3

Reading and Everyday Life in Antebellum Boston: The Diary of Daniel F. and Mary G. Child
Ronald J. Zboray and Mary Saracino Zboray
A 'Special Collection' in Nineteenth-Century New York: The American Bible Society and Its Library
Peter J. Wosh and Lorraine A. Coons

Notes & Essays

Advance and Retreat: Aspects of Public Library Services in New South Wales during World War II
David J. Jones
'Best Books' and Excited Readers: Discursive Tensions in the Writings of Melvil Dewey
Bernd Frohmann
The Igbo in Diaspora: The Binding Force of Information
Amusi Odi
The Cover
Karen Jones

Spring 1997, 32:2


Trouble in Big Sky's Ivory Tower: The Montana Tenure Dispute of 1937-1939
Rosalee McReynolds
From the People of the United States of America: The Books for China Programs during World War II
Yuan Zhou and Calvin Elliker
Mexican Library History: A Survey of the Literature of the Last Fifteen Years
Rosa Mariá Fernández de Zamora


The Cover
Margaret H. Harter

Winter 1997, 32:1


Almost a Unified Library: Bryn Mawr, Haverford, and Swarthmore College Library Cooperation during the 1940s
Michael Stuart Freeman
Outpost of New England Culture: The Ladies' Library Association of Kalamazoo, Michigan
Daniel F. Ring
Literacy, Libraries, and Consciousness: The Provision of Library Services for Blacks in South Africa in the Pre-Apartheid Era
Alan G. Cobley
George Boole: The Man behind 'And/Or/Not'
Elizabeth B. Cooksey

Notes & Essays

The History of the Jagiellonian Library
Maria J. Nowak
The Chartophylax: Archivist and Librarian to the Patriarch in Constantinople
Jeffrey M. Wehmeyer
YMCA Libraries on the Texas Border, 1916
David M. Hovde
The Cover
Marguerite Studemeister

Summer/Fall 1996, 31:3/4


Libraries and the Development of Culture in China
Xie Zhuo Hua
The Municipal Libraries of Tel-Aviv during the British Mandate, 1920-1948
Dov Schidorsky
The Last Days of Jim Crow in American Libraries
Stephen Cresswell
André Morellet's Library
Dorothy Medlin
The Literature of American Library History, 1993-1994
Edward A. Goedeken

Notes & Essays

Let the Circle Be Unbroken: The Struggle for Continuity in African-American Library Scholarship, 1970-1995
John Mark Tucker
The Cover
Kristina L. Southwell

Spring 1996, 31:2

Libraries, Beer and Tobacco

Beer and Books: Michael Thomas Bass, Derby Public Library, and the Philanthropy of the Beerage
Paul Sturges
Steel, Cotton, and Tobacco: Philanthropy and Public Libraries in North Carolina, 1900-1940
Patrick M. Valentine

African American Bibliography and Library Education

Hampton, Fisk, and Atlanta: The Foundations, the American Library Association, and Library Education for Blacks, 1925-1941
Robert Sidney Martin and Orvin Lee Shiflett
The Influence of Philanthropic Agencies on the Development of Monroe Nathan Work's Bibliography of the Negro in Africa and America
Sibyl E. Moses

Carnegie Philanthropy I

American Philanthropy Abroad: Library Program Support from the Carnegie Corporation of New York British Dominions and Colonies Fund in the 1920s and 1930s
Maxine K. Rochester
American Philanthropy in Europe: The Collaboration of the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace with the Vatican Library
Nicoletta M. Hary
Wresting Money from the Canny Scotsman: Melvil Dewey's Designs on Carnegie's Millions, 1902-1906
Wayne A. Weigand

Public Libraries in Finland and Germany

The Widow's Mite, or Crumbs from the Rich Man's Table: Popular Support for Public Libraries in Finland during the Nineteeth Century
Ilkka Makinen
The Borromaus Verein: Catholic Public Librarianship in Germany, 1845-1933
Margaret S. Dalton

Carnegie Philanthropy II

A Chronicle of Men, at Least Two Women, and Money: Sarah C. N. Bogle and the Carnegie Corporation of New York
Nancy Becker Johnson
Carnegie Fellowship for Librarians 1929-1942: A Microcosm of Carnegie Corporation and American Library Association Joint Enterprise
Peggy Sullivan

Libraries and Literacy in France and the United States

Philanthropy, Benefaction, and Libraries in France, 1916-1929
Martine Poulain
Literacy, Equality, and Community: Libraries, Philanthropy, and the Literacy Movement in Contemporary France
Mary Niles Maack

Reading and Scholarship

The Representation of Philanthropy and Reading in the Eighteenth-Century Library
James Raven
Philanthropy, the University Library, and UNC's Emergence as a Major National University
Edward G. Holley

Winter 1996, 31:1

Dedication of Library History Seminar IX to Edward G. Holley
Robert S. Martin
Remarks on the Library History Seminar IX
Edward G. Holley
The Cover
Anne E. Moss

Plenary Sessions

'To make us bold and learn to read--to be friends to each other, and friends to the world': Libraries and the Origins of Civil Society in the United States
Peter Dobkin Hall
Public Funding for Rarity: Some American Debates
Neil Harris
American Public Libraries and the Third Sector: Historical Reflections and Implications
Phyllis Dain

Library Philanthropy in India and Ancient Greece

Pliny's Library at Comum
T. Keith Dix
Ahmedabadi Philanthropyh and Libraries
Donald Clay Johnson

Council on Library Resources

Reclaiming the Research Library: The Founding of the Council on Library Resources
Deanna B. Marcum
Librarians Go High-Tech, Perhaps: The Ford Foundation, the CLR, and INTREX
Colin Burke

Rockefeller Philanthropy: Library Volunteers in Canada

Brother, Can You Spare a Dime?: The Rockefeller Family and Libraries
Mary B. Haskell
Volunteers in Unionized Canadian Public Libraries: A Finely Tuned Partnership
Ann Curry

Women and Philanthropy

Carnegie Ladies, Lady Carnegies: Women and the Building of Libraries
Paula D. Watson
Library Philanthropy with a Personal Touch: Phoebe Apperson Hearst and the Libraries of Lead and Anaconda
Susan L. Richards

Children's Books and Scholarly Communication in the Cold War

ALA Youth Services Librarians and the CARE-UNESCO Children's Book Fund: Selecting the Right Book for Children in Cold War America, 1950-1958
Christine Jenkins
Scientific Communication in the Cold War: Margarita Rudomino and the Library of Foreign Literatures during the Last Years of Stalin
Pamela Spence Richards

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