1001 Texas Place Names

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1001 Texas Place Names

By Fred Tarpley

A sampling of some of the most unusual and interesting names that dot the Texas map.



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From Notrees to Pine Island, from Scotland to Moscow, from Dickens to Tennyson, from Spur to Lariat, from Buck Naked to Bald Prairie—Texans are unsurpassed for the imaginative names they give their towns and cities. Fred Tarpley has chosen 1001 of the most unusual and interesting of the 75,000 place names that dot the Texas map.

The names of Texas communities and places can be traced to a number of basic sources, including people; landscapes; the Bible; literature and mythology; misunderstandings and errors; backward spellings and blends; and anecdotes and events. Each entry in 1001 Texas Place Names gives the official spelling of the name, phonetic pronunciation where necessary, dates of post office operation, and a short narrative about the origin of the name and the history of the place. Each of Texas's 254 counties is represented by at least two entries.

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1001 Texas Place Names
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Cut and Shoot (Montgomery)
Most of the stories agree that there was once a preacher who was much too popular with the women. When charges were made at a church meeting, the men ran to wagons and buggies to get knives and rifles to cut and shoot....
Inc. since 1970; Pop. 791.