Reconstruction in Texas

[ Texas ]

Reconstruction in Texas

By Charles William Ramsdell

An examination of events that still impact upon Texas and the South.



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5.5 x 8.5 | 324 pp.

ISBN: 978-0-292-70031-4

A reprint of the 1910 study, Reconstruction in Texas examines the events that still impact upon Texas and the South.

Chapter I. The Secession Movement
Chapter II. Texas During the War
Chapter III. The Break-Up
1. Decline and Collapse of Confederate Military Power
2. Confusion about Cotton
3. The Negro Question and Labor Conditions

Part I—Presidential Reconstruction
Chapter IV. The State Under Provisional Government
1. Inauguration of the New Régime
2. Loyalty and Disloyalty in the State
3. The Freedmen and the Freedmen’s Bureau
4. Relations of the Civil and the Military Authorities
Chapter V. The Constitutional Convention of 1866
Chapter VI. The Restoration of State Government
1. The State Elections of 1866
2. Inauguration of the New Government
3. The Eleventh Legislature
4. Problems and Policies of Throckmorton’s Administration

Part II—Congressional Reconstruction
Chapter VII. The Undoing of Civil Government
1. The Reconstruction Acts
2. The Provisional State Government and the Military Commanders
Chapter VIII. Radical-Military Rule
1. Radical Politics and Factions
2. Removal of Sheridan; Reversal of Military Policy by Hancock
Chapter IX. The Reconstruction Convention of 1868–1869
1. First Session
2. Conditions during the Recess; Presidential Election
3. Second Session
Chapter X. The Campaign and Election of 1869
1. The Appeal to Congress
2. The Formation of Tickets
3. The Canvass: Radicals Supported by Grant
4. The Election
Chapter XI. The Final Act of Reconstruction

Chapter XII. Radical Rule and Its Overthrow
1. Policies and Legislation
2. Growth of the Opposition
3. Election of 1873 and the End