21 Texas Short Stories

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21 Texas Short Stories

Edited by William Peery



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6 x 9 | 276 pp.

ISBN: 978-0-292-73452-4

This is a splendid collection of stories about Texas by Texans—stories that appeared in leading magazines in the first half of the twentieth century.

Authors in this volume:

  • Dillon Anderson
  • Barry Benefield
  • Charles Carver
  • Margaret Cousins
  • Chester T. Crowell
  • Eugene Cunningham
  • J. Frank Dobie
  • Fred Gipson
  • William Goyen
  • O. Henry
  • Sylvan Karchmer
  • Harry Kidd, Jr.
  • Mary King O’Donnell
  • George Pattullo
  • George Sessions Perry
  • Katherine Anne Porter
  • Winifred Sanford
  • John W. Thomason, Jr.
  • Thomas Thompson
  • John Watson
  • John W. Wilson

Texas in the Short Story
John W. Thomason, Jr.: A Preacher Goes to Texas
O. Henry: Art and the Bronco
Eugene Cunningham: Bar-Nothing’s Happy Birthday
George Pattullo: Corazón
Barry Benefield: Incident at Boiling Springs
Margaret Cousins: Uncle Edgar and the Reluctant Saint
Chester T. Crowell: The Stoic
George Sessions Perry: The Fourflusher
Katherine Anne Porter: The Grave
Winifred Sanford: Windfall
John Watson: Benny and the Tar-Baby
Mary King O’Donnell: Chicken on the Wind
Dillon Anderson: Forty Years of Firewood
J. Frank Dobie: Midas on a Goatskin
Fred Gipson: My Kind of a Man
William Goyen: Her Breath upon the Windowpane
Charles Carver: Hanging Hollow
Sylvan Karchmer: A Fistful of Alamo Heroes
Harry Kidd, Jr.: Low Road Go Down
Thomas Thompson: A Shore for the Sinking
John W. Wilson: Grass Grow Again

William Peery (1906–1964) was Dean of the College of Arts and Sciences at Tulane University.