Mary Austin Holley

[ Texas ]

Mary Austin Holley

A Biography

By Rebecca Smith Lee

The biography of a notable Texas woman.



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6 x 9 | 480 pp.

ISBN: 978-0-292-75098-2

Mary Austin Holley found life challenging and made it interesting for others. As wife and widow of Horace Holley, eminent orator, clergyman, and educator, and as cousin and friend of Stephen F. Austin, founder of the first Texas colony, she formed friendships among important people. From New Haven to New Orleans and Brazoria, Texas, she was beloved.

The panorama of her life, described in vivid detail by a former head of the English Department at Texas Christian University, transports the reader to the tempestuous early years of the American Republic and, finally, to Texas during its colonization and early Republic years. Throughout this charming book Mrs. Holley's "intuition for important people" brings the reader into the company of many of America's great and accomplished: Noah Webster, John Quincy Adams, President and Mrs. Monroe, Andrew Jackson, Sam Houston, and many others.

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Genealogical Charts
1. Childhood’s Home, 1784-1794
2. Sentimental Courtship, 1795-1805
3. Salisbury Honeymoon, 1805
4. Greenfield Hill, 1805-1808
5. Hostages to Fortune, 1808-1809
6. By Stage to Boston, 1809-1811
7. High Tide, 1811-1817
8. The Field Is Wider..., 1817-1818
9. Harvest More Abundant, 1818-1821
10. The Past Revisited, 1821-1822
11. Green Holly and Thistle, 1822-1825
12. On Leaving Kentucky, 1826-1827
13. Radiant Phoenix, 1827-1829
14. Good Hope, 1830-1831
15. Dear Cousin, 1831-1835
16. Texan Song of Liberty, 1835-1836
17. On the Wing, 1837-1840
18. Sunny Island, 1840-1841
19. The New Texas, 1841-1844
20. Madame Holley, 1844-1846
Acknowledgments: People and Places