A White House Diary

[ Texas ]

A White House Diary

By Lady Bird Johnson

Lady Bird Johnson’s firsthand account of life in the LBJ White House.


Originally published in 1970, A White House Diary is Lady Bird Johnson's intimate, behind-the-scenes account of Lyndon Johnson's presidency from November 22, 1963, to January 20, 1969. Beginning with the tragic assassination of John F. Kennedy, Mrs. Johnson records the momentous events of her times, including the Great Society's War on Poverty, the national civil rights and social protest movements, her own activism on behalf of the environment, and the Vietnam War.

Lady Bird Johnson is one of America's most popular and respected First Ladies. Known first and foremost as an environmentalist, she founded the Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center in Austin, Texas, which serves people all over the country as a clearinghouse of information about the preservation and use of native plants.

"[A White House Diary] is an intensely personal document that reveals a woman who describes herself as 'terribly average—something like litmus paper' but who, in fact, is not average at all. Lady Bird is remarkable for the range and depths of her loves—fierce loyalties as well as small delights—and for a physical and spiritual stamina which bore her through ordeals which would have drained lesser humans. . . . History and a great many people will remember her as a valuable woman, largely immune from the antagonisms her husband aroused, who gave the best of herself to her family and her country. Towards the end, Lady Bird writes about her diary that 'Lyndon is curiously proud of it and I am touched by that. He talks more about it than I ever would.' She does not need to. It speaks, most eloquently, for itself."

New York Times