Maury Maverick

[ Texas ]

Maury Maverick

A Political Biography

By Richard B. Henderson

A biography of a notable Texas Congressional representative.



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6 x 9 | 410 pp.

ISBN: 978-0-292-73468-5

Maury Maverick was possibly the first liberal United States Congressman from Texas to achieve national and even international stature. A dedicated Democrat, he was ready to attack Franklin D. Roosevelt whenever he felt that Roosevelt was flagging in his enthusiasm for reform. He was honest to the point of rudeness, and he belonged to the "damn the torpedoes" class that pulled ahead regardless of political consequences.

He was at home with the literate—he was a prodigious writer and speaker—but always ready to puncture their pretensions. And he could cuss with sailors, pecan shellers, and any breed of saloon keeper. Put all that together with a short, stocky, bulldog frame, a fierce face and a voice to match, and you have one of the nation's more colorful political figures.

1. A Maverick American
2. The Bootleg Decade
3. Maury and His Mavericks
4. Two Cowboys Are Better Than One
5. Ever Insurgent Let Me Be
6. Sultan of the Young Turks
7. A Texas La Guardia
8. He Stirreth Up the People
9. An Isolationist’s Change of Heart
10. Asia—“Our Biggest Problem”
11. Like Ripples on a Pond
12. I Am That Gadfly