Comanche Vocabulary

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Comanche Vocabulary

Trilingual Edition

Compiled by Manuel García Rejón

Translated and edited by Daniel J. Gelo

Foreword by Thomas R. Hester

The most extensive Comanche word list compiled before the establishment of the Kiowa-Comanche-Apache Reservation in 1867.



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6 x 9 | 106 pp.

ISBN: 978-0-292-72783-0

The Comanche Vocabulary collected in Mexico during the years 1861-1864 by Manuel García Rejón is by far the most extensive Comanche word list compiled before the establishment of the Kiowa-Comanche-Apache Reservation in 1867. It preserves words and concepts that have since changed or even disappeared from the language, thus offering a unique historical window on earlier Comanche culture.

This translation adds the English equivalents to the original Spanish-Comanche list of 857 words, as well as a Comanche-English vocabulary and comparisons with later Comanche word lists. Daniel J. Gelo's introduction discusses the circumstances in which García Rejón gathered his material and annotates significant aspects of the vocabulary in light of current knowledge of Comanche language and culture. The book also includes information on pictography, preserving a rare sample of Comanche scapula drawing.

This information will help scholars understand the processes of language evolution and cultural change that occurred among all Native American peoples following European contact. The Comanche Vocabulary will also hold great interest for the large public fascinated by this once-dominant tribe.

Foreword by Thomas R. Hester
Editor’s Introduction
Vocabulary of the Comanche Language
Opinion by Francisco Pimentel
Various Observations
Brief Page on What Is Found within the Vocabulary
Abbreviations Used
English-Spanish-Comanche Vocabulary
Comanche-English Vocabulary

Daniel J. Gelo is Associate Professor of Anthropology at the University of Texas at San Antonio.

"This is the most important pre-reservation document that we have for the Comanche language.... Its translation will have a market linguistics, anthropology, and history. It should be in every university research library."

—James A. Goss, Professor of Anthropology, Texas Tech University

"[García Rejón’s] Vocabulario del Idioma Comanche remains the most extensive nineteenth-century Comanche word list, and as such is extremely important for the study of the Comanche language, culture, and history. . . . Gelo's work will find extensive use among both specialists and other people interested in the Comanche and their language."

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