Re-reading Cultural Geography

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Re-reading Cultural Geography

Edited by Kenneth E. Foote, Peter J. Hugill, Kent Mathewson, and Jonathan M. Smith

A reader in cultural geography.



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7 x 10 | 502 pp.

ISBN: 978-0-292-72484-6

The geography of culture has held a sustained attraction for some of the most distinguished and promising geographers of the twentieth century. These notable voices have now been brought together to explore the cultural landscape in this fresh, encompassing survey of one of geography's most vital research areas.

In Re-reading Cultural Geography, a worthy successor to the original and now classic Readings in Cultural Geography (1962), the editors have gathered articles, essays, and new commentaries, as well as extensive annotated reading lists and a comprehensive bibliography, into a book that will be ideal for undergraduate and graduate courses of all levels.

Assessing an intellectual world far different from the one defined in the earlier volume, Re-reading Cultural Geography uncovers the common themes of a vibrant, often clamorous discipline. Broadly defined, these include "how the world looks"—the patternings of cultural traits and material artifacts; "how the world works"—the dynamics of human organizations in interaction with the environment; and "what the world means"—the systems of shared values and beliefs that shape communities.