Three Men in Texas

[ Texas ]

Three Men in Texas

Bedichek, Webb, and Dobie

Essays by their Friends in the Texas Observer
Edited by Ronnie Dugger

Introduction by Ralph Yarborough

Essays on the three famous friends, originally published in the Texas Observer.



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6 x 9 | 307 pp.

ISBN: 978-0-292-78014-9

This book is a tribute to "an incomparable triumvirate." "One was a naturalist, one a historian, and one a chronicler, but each of them was each of these. The manly love between them, a handsome thing in times and places blighted by great ugliness and banality, shone from them into their friends and contemporaries, and they shared themselves freely with those younger than they who went to them wishing to learn from them."

Most of this collection of writing by friends of Roy Bedichek, Walter Prescott Webb, and J. Frank Dobie originally appeared in special editions of the Texas Observer devoted to each of the three men. Some pieces were, however, written expressly for this volume. They have been edited by the editor and general manager of the Observer, who is also the author of Dark Star: Hiroshima Reconsidered in the Life of Claude Eatherly.

"It is too late to know the three men personally, but never too late to study their works. Such a study will help us all find out who we are and what to do about it."
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