Image of Britain 2

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Image of Britain 2

Edited by Thomas Mabry Cranfill

Essays, fiction, poetry, and illustrations about British life and culture in the mid-twentieth century.



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7 x 10 | 326 pp.

ISBN: 978-0-292-74521-6

Image of Britain 2, originally published in 1961, was the second of two special numbers of The Texas Quarterly devoted to Britain. This volume comprises some three dozen selections—essays, fiction, poetry, and illustrations, most of them specially commissioned. The editorial aim has been to achieve scope and variety.

The articles, essays in criticism on British themes, for the most part survey literature and the fine arts: poetry, theater, intellectual review, then-recent translations into English, the flood of military memoirs, British humor, architecture, painting and sculpture, and music. Other essays treat individual authors, among them Shakespeare, Trollope, Galsworthy, Forster, Wells, Yeats, Pound, Shaw, Muir, Green, Snow, Waugh, Amis, and Pinter.

All except a handful of the essayists are British. There is much to be said for inviting the forthright and brilliantly self-critical to comment extensively on their own literature and art. Stephen Spender and John Lehmann, two of Britain’s most distinguished editors, deal with British literary matters, both international and domestic; the novelist David Garnett discusses George Moore, Galsworthy, Forster, and H. G. Wells—the men and their works; and the poet Kathleen Raine appraises the verse of Edwin Muir.

Like the essayists, the contributors of fiction and poetry include the emerging and already noteworthy—Ted Hughes, Peter Redgrove, and Andrew Sinclair, for example—as well as the firmly established and celebrated, such as Angus Wilson, Stephen Spender, and Joyce Cary. Cary’s short story “The Ball” appeared here in print for the first time.

The photographer Hans Beacham, who visited England at the Quarterly’s invitation, contributed a gallery of portraits of important British painters and sculptors. The photographs complement David Sylvester’s article on contemporary British art. In addition, Edward Bawden’s drawings of the British scene run like a charming frieze throughout this number.

  • Stephen Spender: The Immigration in Reverse
  • Edwin Mullins: The Culture Market: Aspects of London and Paris
  • James B. Meriwether: Introductory Note to Joyce Cary's "The Ball"
  • Joyce Cary: The Ball (an unpublished story)
  • Michel Saint-Denis: The English Theatre through Gallic Eyes
  • Kay Dick: Mr. Pinter and the Fearful Matter
  • Angus Wilson: My Husband Is Right (fiction)
  • David Sylvester: On Contemporary British Painting and Sculpture
  • Helen Haupt: The Musical Scene in England Today
  • David Webster: The Current State of Opera and Symphony
  • Ted Hughes: Miss Mambrett and the Wet Cellar (fiction)
  • Reyner Banham: The World of the Brutalists: Opinion and Intention in British Architecture
  • J. M. Cohen: On Some New English Translations
  • Correlli Barnett: The Cracked Trumpet: British Military Memoirs of the Second World War
  • Malcolm Bradbury: The Intellectual Review in England Today
  • Andrew Sinclair To Kill a Loris (fiction)
  • Martin Green: The Decline of British Humour
  • John Lehmann: English Letters in the Doldrums? An Editor's View
  • Giles Dawson: What Happened to Shakespeare's Manuscripts
  • Gerald Warner Brace: The World of Anthony Trollope
  • W. H. Auden: The Quest Hero
  • David Garnett: Some Writers I Have Known: Galsworthy, Forster, Moore, and Wells
  • Patricia Hutchins: Yeats and Pound in England
  • Warren Roberts: Introductory Note to Helen Corke's "Portrait of D. H. Lawrence, 1909–10"
  • Helen Corke: Portrait of D. H. Lawrence, 1909–10
  • Richard Jones: Introduction to Dylan Thomas' "Poetic Manifesto"
  • Dylan Thomas: Poetic Manifesto
  • Kathleen Raine: Edwin Muir: An Appreciation
  • Eudora Welty: The Vital Imagination of Henry Green
  • Robert Greacen: The World of C. P. Snow
  • C. P. Snow: The Snow Papers at Texas
  • Poems by Alexander Baird, William Burford, Ted Hughes, James Michie, Michael Hamburger, Sylvia Plath, Peter Redgrove, and Stephen Spender