Gideon Lincecum, 1793-1874

[ Texas ]

Gideon Lincecum, 1793-1874

A Biography

By Lois Wood Burkhalter

The biography of a Texas "Renaissance man".



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6 x 9 | 376 pp.

ISBN: 978-0-292-70998-0

In Gideon Lincecum's lifetime the United States expanded from fifteen to thirty-eight states—and Lincecum moved always with or ahead of that expansion. Possessed of a driving intellectual curiosity undeterred by lack of formal education, Lincecum examined all he confronted. He learned from Indians, he read widely, and he corresponded with the great minds of his day. In the process he became many things: physician, musician, botanist, entomologist, ornithologist, and translator of Indian dialects. His collection of information and specimens in the field of natural science was used by leading authorities. From his voluminous letters, Mrs. Burkhalter has constructed a picture of a "remarkable and delightful American who deserves a place in the history of this country."

1. Gideon
2. Gideon and Hezekiah
3. Gideon and the Indians
4. Gideon and the Texians
5. Gideon and the Healing Arts
6. Gideon and the Children
7. Gideon and the Purifying Knife
8. Gideon and the Waw-Mouths
9. Gideon and the Animalculum
10. Gideon and the Lincolnites
11. Gideon and the High Lads
12. Gideon and the Pismires
13. Gideon and the Offended Democrats
14. Gideon and the Angels
15. Gideon and Killiecrankie
A. Gideon Lincecum’s Journal of a Trip to Texas, 1835
B. Moccasin Tracks for 1864, or Home Medicines for Home Diseases
C. Tuxpan, Mexico