Editorial Contacts

Our Editors

David Hamrick, Director
Acquisitions area: photography
e: dhamrick@utpress.utexas.edu

Robert Devens, Editor-in-Chief
Acquisitions areas: History, American studies, Texas history, art
e: rdevens@utpress.utexas.edu

Kerry Webb, Senior Editor
Acquisitions areas: Latin American studies, Latino/a studies, anthropology, New World archaeology
e: kwebb@utpress.utexas.edu

Jim Burr, Senior Editor
Acquisitions areas: Classics and the ancient world, film and media studies, Middle East studies, Jewish studies, architecture, Old World archaeology, applied languages
e: jburr@utpress.utexas.edu

Casey Kittrell, Sponsoring Editor
Acquisitions areas: fiction in translation, food culture, geography, music, ornithology, botany, natural history, environmental studies
e: ckittrell@utpress.utexas.edu